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If a Kereru - native pigeon - flies into a window or a Tui is suffering from Rhododendron poisoning, - Karin Wiley will know what to do. Karin is one of a country-wide network of native bird rescuers.

Last year she cared for 196 injured or sick native birds; 53 species, from Albatross to Silvereye, found their way to Karin's home in Wellington's northern suburbs.

'I never know when I'll be needed,- I remember one public holiday I had a queue of people at my door all with injured or sick birds they'd found.'

Karin is up at 6 in the morning to medicate her charges and gets to bed about midnight. She used to work as an architectural designer but now her passion for birds has taken over her life.

Spectrum's Jack Perkins called on Karin over a busy Labour Weekend.