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8:08 Today in New Zealand History 5’33”

Visit from the American fleet, 9 August 1908.   

8:14 Remembering Cilla Black 2’56”

Entertainer Cilla Black died during the week at the age of 72. She visited New Zealand several times and in 1971 took part in a programme at Station 1ZH Hamilton during which listeners could phone in.                   

8:18 Artist: Cilla Black 2’48”

Song: Anyone Who had a Heart
Composer: Bacharach

8:23 A Portrait of a Prime Minister 12’41”

A 'Guest of Honour’ interview in 1974 in which Hamish Keith talks to Labour Prime Minister Bill Rowling a few months after he had taken up the new role following the death of Prime Minister Norman Kirk. Part 1     

8:36 Artist: Shirley Rhodes with the Julian Lee Quartet 2’47”

Song: Eternally
Composer: Charlie Chaplin (1952)
Album: A Night on the Town
Label: Stebbing Zodiac                            

8:40 The Sounds Doctor 9’35”

A 1973 Spectrum in which Jack Perkins joins Dr Victor Jacobsen on his rounds and talks with him about the unique launch medical service he provides for the Marlborough Sounds. Part two.                       

8:50 Artist: Kevin Blackatini (Kevin Black) 3’30”

Song: The Fridge
Composer: Tait
Album: The Fridge

DJ Kevin Black’s Top 20 hit with this spoof of Deane Waretini’s 1981 chart topper ‘The Bridge’. Black died in February 2013 at age of 69.

8:53 War Report 48  6’25”

Recollections of the fighting at Chunuk Bair from Corporal Cyril Bassett of Auckland, a signaller, who was the first New Zealander to win a Victoria Cross in this war, “I come across three breaks. I mended two of them that were pretty close together. I followed the wire on a bit further and mended that. I don't mind telling you that I was pretty windy while I was doing it, with the stuff that was coming across, but luckily there wasn't much shrapnel."
Another survivor describes helping a wounded man.


Artist: John McCormack
Song: There’s a Long Long Trail A Winding
Composer: King/Elliott
Album: Oh, It’s a Lovely War Vol 2
Label: CD41 486309

Artist: Peter Dawson
Song: Boys of the Old Brigade (McGuigan)
Composer: McGuigan
Album: Oh, It's A Lovely War Vol 2
Label: CD 41 486309   

9:04 As I Remember 4’10”

The Wonderful Contraption by Mrs C McGlone of Waipukurau, read by Rebecca Blundell.                              

9:10 Results of July homework

1. Which town has an international airport but never had a railway? Queenstown  
2. Which sport was introduced to Australia by a New Zealand team? Rugby League

Winners: Margaret Fidow of Auckland, Gary Murdoch of i Wellington
Prizes: Unpacking The Kists – The Scots in New Zealand by Tom Brooking, Jim McAloon and Brad Patterson. Otago University Press
Blackberry Pie – New Zealand Ballads by Joe Charles Wily Publications

9:12 A Piano for All Seasons 15’01”

In this 1976 Spectrum programme Margaret Fahey talks about her life as a cinema and theatre pianist in Timaru in the 1930s. Part 2         

9:28 Les Munro – the Last Dambuster  12’52”

During the week Les Munro of Tauranga, the last of the men to fly on the Dambusters raid in 1943 died at the age of 96. He describes his part in the operation during which he had to turn back before reaching the target.

Song: Dambusters March 3’51”     
Artist: The English Chamber Orchestra
Composer: Coates
Album: AJA 5069
Label: ASW                                       
9:41 Fairlie at 150 18’15”

Next year Fairlie in the Mackenzie Country celebrates 150 years. Jim Sullivan visits the local museum and talks to Helen and John Beattie about the historical resources held and how they will be used to mark the anniversary. Rosemary Moran describes the oral history project being planned.