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8:09 Today in New Zealand History 4’22”

Otago University, the first in New Zealand opens, 5 July 1871.    

8:15 Artist: Paul Lestre Group 2’57”

Song: Little White Lies
Composer: Donaldson
Album: A Nite at the Hi Diddle Griddle
Label: Stebbing                                

8:21 Homework

1. Which town has an international airport but never had a railway?    
2. Which sport was introduced to Australia by a New Zealand team?

8:22 5 July 1974 7’34”

On this day in 1974 John Marshall announced he was standing down as leader of the National Party as he felt he no longer had the support of the party which was concerned about its chances in the 1975 election. Rob Muldoon became leader and took National to a landslide victory over Bill Rowling’s Labour government in 1975. In this extract from a 1974 interview Sir John Marshal reflects on the high points of his political career. 

8:31 Artist: Sharon O’Neill 3’27”

Song: Don’t Say No To Tomorrow
Composer: O’Neill
Album: n/a
Label: CBS BA 461 965

Telethon Song  1979                  

The 1979 Telethon raised $2,767,351 [$16 million] for the Year of the Child.

8:37 Just One Second! 5’24”

On Monday you may have noticed the day seemed longer than usual. We got an extra second so that clocks can keep up with the time of the day as defined by positions of the sun. So-called leap seconds are added from time to time to make up for the fact that the Earth is gradually slowing down and the day is getting longer. It happens in July 1991 too, and then Tim Armstrong of the DSIR explained to Geoff Robinson of Morning Report what it was all about.  

8:44 Artist: Company of “Rush” 2’45”

Song: A New Day Dawns
Composer: David John/ Kevin Lynch
Album: Rush
Label: Rush CD 001       

Set in the Otago gold fields in 1862, this powerful musical tells the moving story of immigrant gold-diggers and their quest for instant fortune. “Rush!” was conceived by David John after settling in Arrowtown in 1979. His book and lyrics were ably matched by the late arranger and composer Kevin Lynch. The musical had its world premiere at Dunedin's Regent Theatre on September 24th, 1998. It has so far been performed to over 40,000 people.

8:47 Launch of TV3 3’03”

On 27 Nov 1989 TV3 was launched. In this Morning Report item introduced by Kim Hill Phillip Sherry greets the viewers and Mark Hannan reports on the programming. Kel Geddis, TV3 head of Network Programming, talks about what TV3 has to offer as an independent television channel. TVNZ director of programming, Graham Wilson, expresses confidence in TVNZ placings in the ratings              

8:50 1950's Advertising 0’51”

An example of a Milo commercial from the 1950s.      

8:52 Bookshelf

Taheke: An account of the Hokianga in the life of New Zealand painter Annette Isbey by Denys Trousell. Published by Brick Row Publishing, ISBN 989 0 908595 85 3

8:53 War Report 43 6’13”

A newspaper report on recruiting in early July 1915. An extract from a letter written from Quinn’s Pots by Colonel Malone in mid-July and memories of tunneling at Quinn’s Post. Extract from diary of Colonel Malone at Quinn’s Post.


Artist: John McCormack
Song: There’s a Long Long Trail A Winding
Composer: King/Elliott
Album: Oh, It’s a Lovely War Vol 2
Label: CD41 486309      

Artist:  Courtland and Jeffries
Song: Oh! It’s a Lovely War
Composer: Long/Scott
Album: Songs of World War 1
Label: Goentertainment 557331                         

9:06 As I Remember 5’48”

The Silence written by Edward Jamieson who was a New Zealand surgeon based in London during World War Two. The story is read by his nephew Ross Jamieson.                                    

9:14 What’s Wrong with the Media? 12’59”

A 1984 interview in which Brian Priestley, Reader in Journalism at Canterbury University discusses the topic with Wayne Mowat.  

1. Which town has an international airport but never had a railway?    
2. Which sport was introduced to Australia by a New Zealand team?

9:28 Artist: Phil Garland 3’28”

Song: The Old Station Gate
Composer: Garland
Album: Wind in the Tussock
Label: Kiwi CD SLC 200                            

9:32 Swaggie and Bushman 27’14”

From a 1975 Spectrum programme Bob Edwards recall his days on the swag and as a bushman in conversation with Jack Perkins.