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8:07 Today in New Zealand History 4’36”

Founding of Union Steam Ship Company May 31, 1875.

8:13 Artist: Pat Rogers 3’19”

Song: Taumarunui
Composer: Peter Cape
Album: 45
Label: Kiwi EA 25                               

8:17 Artist: Ian McNamara 2’04”

Song: Cootamundra
Composer: Peter Cape/McNamara
Album: Macca Tracks
Label: n/s                                     

8:22 Shearing Gang 29’39”

A 1969 documentary by Jim Henderson. He presents the story of shearing on a station at Papanui Junction near Taihape. He speaks with the men and women involved, including Arthur Davis who explains the different roles of the shearers; Phil Brown the gang boss talks about the members of the gang of five men, three girls and the cook;  Ivan Maher, the second shearer talks about how many sheep the gang shear which is normally about 55,000 a year; John Davis, 23,  is the third shearer and the son of Arthur; John Bradley, the drummer, talks about his role; Bill Maher talks about his other business, his goldmine, which turns out to be trapping possums and selling their skins. The three girls are the rousabouts who clear up the fleeces and Margaret, from Australia, tells of how she came to New Zealand.  They don't allow women shearers in Australia. She says that the women are treated fairly equally. Lyn Robertson talks about her dislikes such as being trodden on by sheep, getting yelled at by other shearers and getting in to trouble with the cook! All this and she still keeps coming back each season. Sue Newton is a university student and talks about why she is part of the gang for the 3 months. Snow (Owen) Todd talks about cooking for the gang and thinks having the female influence in the gang tones down the language from the men.                         

8:50 Artist: Phil Garland 2’04” 

Song: The Shearing’s Coming Round
Composer: McKee Wright/Garland
Album: Swag O Dreams
Label: Kiwi SLC 261                                 

8:52 War Report 31 May 1915 6’29”

The story of “The Man with the Donkey”, Dick Henderson of the New Zealand Medical Corps who used a donkey to transport wounded at Gallipoli. Dick Henderson tells of his war time and post war experiences in a recording made in the 1950s by the Church of Christ, Mt Roskill. The “good news” continues to be published alongside long casualty lists.

8:58 Artist: Radio New Zealand Studio Orchestra

Song: I’ll Put You Together Again
Composer: Black/Steven
Album: Orchestral Gold Vol 2
Label: Tartar TRL 005        

9:07 As I Remember 2’13”

Footwear by Robin Shepherd of Kaitaia. Read by Phil Smith.   

9:11 The Yanks are Here! The Musical Invasion of World War Two 12’44”

The United States Marine Band in Wellington 1943. (Alexander Turnbull Library Reference: 1/4-000476-F)

The United States Expeditionary Force which arrived in New Zealand in 1942 brought not only thousands of marines and sailors, it also bought some great music. In this rather scratchy recording the  NBS announcer introduces the US commanding officer Captain Gruselov [?], officer in charge of the Marines Band, who, in turn, introduces the band who play a number of popular jazz tunes.

Band members who introduce themselves: [all names unconfirmed]
Private Johnny Deroyce, New York City, guitar, fiddle
Private Herbert Cuff, Atlantic City, New Jersey, clarinet
Private Albert Avail, Hartford, Conn.; bass
"Tea for Two"
Corporal Gordon C. Bennett, Boston, Mass. vocal and piano.
"I'll See You Again"
Guitar: (Private Johnny Deroyce)
"You are my Sunshine"
Private 1st Class Albert Beaufrey, Springfield, Mass.vocals and trumpet
"My Blue Heaven"
Private Frank Boyd, Washington DC, drums
"Honeysuckle Rose"                               

9:25 Writer Dan Davin talks about his life in conversation with James McNeish. Part One. 13’39”

9:39 Artist: Phil Garland 4’12”

Song: Becalmed at the Bluff
Composer: Garland
Album: Southern Odyssey
Label: Kiwi SLC 265 (Recorded in Gore 2006.

Story of famous whaling captain Paddy Gilroy           

9:44 Clarke Isaacs 13’14”

Clarke Isaacs, the last radio review columnist who ended his column earlier this year reminisces about his lifetime in journalism, mainly with the Otago Daily Times. Commenting on times when there was a shortage of journalist.        

9:58 Artist: Radio New Zealand Studio Orchestra

Song: You Needed Me
Composer: Goodrum
Album: Orchestral Gold Vol 2
Label: Tartar TRL 005