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8:07 Today in New Zealand History 4’26”

Missionary Johann Wholers starts work at Ruapuke on 17 May 1844.  

8:14 Artist: The Rumour 2’52”

Song: No Money On Our Trees
Composer: Shade Smith
Album: Land of New Vigour and Zeal
Label: Polydor 239010  (1972)                     

The Rumour was a New Zealand pop/rock music band in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Formed in 1966 and featuring twin brothers Shade and Gerard Smith, Jacques Koolen and Ross Hindman they went on to achieve success in the pop scene with hits like “L'amour Est L’enfant de la Liberte”.

8:18 Anthony Wilding, tennis champion (Killed in action – 9 May 1915) (Recorded 1960) Part One 13’29”

Asquith Thomson (the first archivist for the NZBS)  and another unidentified narrator introduce the programme, outlining the career of 'the greatest tennis player New Zealand has ever produced'. He won the singles championship at Wimbledon four times and from 1907-1914 he dominated the doubles at Wimbledon with his partner Sir Norman Brooks. After some defeats at Wimbledon in 1907 and 1908 he returned to New Zealand. Frank Wilding, his brother, recalls his determination to return to Wimbledon however.

F.M.B. Fisher and Frank Wilding recall the Wilding family home, "Farnhope” in Opawa, Christchurch, where there was plenty of opportunity for sport, with a grass tennis court where many matches were held with friends and family and where visiting cricket teams were often entertained. Antony Wilding was for some time expected to follow a career in cricket. His extreme fitness is remembered by Warne Pearse (a brother of Richard Pearse) of Timaru, a former cricket umpire and friend. After schooling in Christchurch he moved to England to study law at Trinity College, Cambridge. His tennis improved and Geoffrey Ollivier recalls his strong fast forehand while F.M.B. Fisher recalls his weak backhand and serve, which had to be corrected.

8:33 Artist: Inia Te Wiata 2’47”

Song: Songs My Mother Taught Me
Composer: Dvorak
Album: Inia Te Wiata A Popular recital
Label: Kiwi SLC 248                             

8:37 The Bryan quadruplets 3’44”

On 10 May 1985 the Bryan quadruplets, John, Karen, Joanna and Sarah were born in Hastings. Only six sets of quads had been born in New Zealand since the birth of Dunedin’s Johnson quads in 1935. Peter Dawson of 4ZB visits the Johnson quads (“the only quads in Australasia”) of Dunedin on their 9th birthday in March 1944.  New Zealand’s first surviving quadruplets were born in Dunedin in 1935. Bruce, Mary, Kathleen and Vera Johnson attracted public and media attention from the moment they were born. A large state house was provided for the family (which grew to eight in total) and became a tourist attraction. Behind the scenes the Johnsons struggled – mother Kathleen Johnson wrote in a letter to Prime Minister Michael Joseph Savage, ‘How different is our lives to what the public think … Two pocket handkerchiefs and 10/- from a sewing guild was their birthday presents last year.’    AUDIO QUALITY NOT GOOD                     

8:44 Artist: NZBC Symphony Orchestra 7’00”

Song: The Muster/So Long from Wayleggo Suite
Composer: Cheeseman
Album: Wayleggo
Label: Kiwi SLC 74                                

8:46  War Report 36 6’39”

Extracts from the diary of Corporal Christopher Musgrave on the work of New Zealanders at Gallipoli and newspaper reports from 10 May 1915 about New Zealand bayonet charges at Gallipoli and fundraising efforts at home. The first appearance in the newspapers of the actual casualty figures.

Music extracts:

Artist: John McCormack
Song: There’s a Long Long Trail A Winding
Composer: King/Elliott
Album: Oh, It’s a Lovely War Vol 2
Label: CD41 486309

Artist: Henry Burr
Song: I Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now
Composer: Hough
Album: Songs of World War 1
Label: Goentertainment 557331                      

8:57 Artist: Radio New Zealand Studio Orchestra (soloist Colin Hemmingson) 3’22”

Song: My Love
Composer: McCartney
Album: Orchestral Gold Vol 1    
Label: Kiwi Tartar TRL 005                       

9:06 As I Remember 3’53”

Sparrows’ Eggs - Tuppence a Dozen by Allan Pike of Whangarei and read by Duncan Smith 

9:11 Artist: Howrad Morrison Quartet 7’08”

Song: George the Wilder New Zealand Boy
Composer: n/s
Album: The Best of the Howard Morrison Quartet
Label: EMI 5968442                                

Samoa-born Fia Chaplin was a popular singer in Auckland in the early sixties. Her second single, Senora came out in 1962. In 1964 she released My Beatle Boy and had some success in Australia during the same year.

9:15 Wizards of Quiz 10’39”

Part of a ZB 1950 comedy show with Jack Dobson and Roy Melford and guitarist Jim Carter with guest, New Zealander Michael Miles from Wellington who left school to become a broadcaster after persuading his local station to hire him. He then travelled to Australia, before moving on to Singapore as a newsreader, leaving only days before the island was invaded by the Japanese. He was later a TV presenter in Britain, best known for the game show Take Your Pick from 1955 to 1968.       

9:28 Six Months in a Country Town 29’26”

A radio portrait of Masterton in the second half of 1967 compiled by 2XB. Commercial for Quench drink concentrate made by the sponsor, local firm, Hansell’s. Miriam Dell (a founding member of the Hutt Valley Branch of the National Council of Women, later Dame Miriam Dell) tells of the formation of the National Council of Women in Wairarapa and how delegates are elected. B. A. Meegan on the starting of the new Government Employees Association which started in Masterton due to dissatisfaction with PSA representation. W. Van Praagh on the abolition of the Wairarapa milk board. Dr. Donald Sherp (?) of the USA on civil disorders in the United States. Rod Orange with his impressions after returning from Thailand. William Vines (later Sir William), the president of the International Wool Secretariat.
George Cornick on the proposed arts centre for Masterton. The civic farewell to All Black Brian Lochore with Mayor R “Norm” Tankersley’s speech and Lochore's reply. A read advertisement for Hansell’s Quench drink. Sam Worthington recalls the cost of drinks in 1917 when 10 o'clock closing went out. All beer was Speight’s from Dunedin. 10 o’clock closing is re-introduced October 9th 1967 in Greytown. George Nicol on his firm’s cranes and local industries.
Mr. I. M. Oliver his firm’s cattle weighing machine. Jack Marshall, Minister of Industries and Commerce, comments on Wairarapa industries. Brian Blackwood, barrister and later district court judge, on the Knox Church centennial committee and their focus. Judge Melville Smith on Maori Land Court and Maori land. Railway historian David Leitch of Masterton on the railways and the passing of steam trains. David Peters Director of the Queen Elizabeth Arts Council opens the Arts Festival. The re-erection of the 85 year old bell for Greytown civil defence and the bell's history from Greytown town clerk J C Young. Reverend Leslie Bossito, Bishop elect of the United Church of the Solomons and education in the Solomons. Mr. W. D. Abernathy on the Night Security Service, a first for Masterton.
The Reverend Ron Taylor, a missionary returned from Tanzania. Mr. C. V. Rob, missionary from Papua New Guinea, talks about whether there are still head-hunters in PNG. 

9:58 Artist: Radio New Zealand Studio Orchestra

Song: Waterfalls
Composer: McCartney
Album: Orchestral Gold Vol 1    
Label: Kiwi Tartar TRL 005