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8:06 Today in New Zealand History 4’44”

Picton proclaimed a port on 5 April 1861   

8:12 Artist: Janice Lunn 3’56”

Song: One Fine Day
Composer: Puccini
Album: Mobil Song Quest 1972
Label: Kiwi MS 72     

Recorded at final concert, Christchurch Town Hall

8:16 A Wrestling Tale by Winston McCarthy told in Sports Digest during the 1950s 7’17”

Best known as rugby commentator, McCarthy was no slouch when it came to telling sports stories and this one (complete with on-air throat clearing) is about a wrestling match in Melbourne.                                 

8:25 Homework

Three Mystery Voices                      

8:26 Have A Shot, 1ZB talent quest 1958 Finals 10’23”

“Dud” with a plug for the sponsors and then compere, probably Ian Watkins, introduces contestants.

Artist Nan McFarlane
Song: Annie Laurie
Composer: Trad
Album: Sound Archives

Artist: Harold Crosby (harmonica)
Song: Caravan
Composer: Tizol
Album: Sound Archives

8:38 Old Bill's Story (part three) 12’52”

Read by Lance McCaskill, recorded in 1956. This story was told by an old drover to Bill Blackadder of Springs Junction who dictated it for recording by the NZBS. It tells of an 1876 cattle driving trip from the Waiau River in Canterbury, through the Cannibal Gorge (Lewis Pass) to the Robinson River on the West Coast. 

8:55 War Report 6’36”

Extracts from diary of Lt Spencer Westmacott on preparing to leave Egypt and the number of troops with VD. Comments on leaving the locals in Cairo. From April 25, 1915 'The most glorious day of my life' - the diaries of Spencer Westmacott, edited by Chris Tobin. Pub: Bosco Press, 22a Reed St, Oamaru, ISBN 9780473 300333. Nigel Piper recalls his early days in the Royal Flying Corps in 1914-15. .


Artist: John McCormack
Song: There’s a Long Long Trail A Winding
Composer: King/Elliott
Album: Oh, It’s a Lovely War Vol 2
Label: CD41 486309  

Artist: Helen Clark
Song: Your King and Country Want You
Composer: Paul Rubens
Album: Oh, It’s a Lovely War Vol 1
Label: CD41 486286                                

Artist: Radio New Zealand Studio Orchestra (soloist Colin Hemmingson)
Song: My Love
Composer: McCartney
Album: Orchestral Gold Vol 1    
Label: Kiwi Tartar TRL 005              


9:06 As I Remember 4’15”

Pommie Cowboy (Part Two) by Roy Keeling of Ashburton. Read by Duncan Smith.                                     

9:12 Artist: St Joseph’s Maori Girls College Choir (1980) 2’41”

Song: Amazing Grace
Composer: Trad. Newton
Album: St Joseph’s Maori Girls College Choir
Label: Kiwi SLC 159                                  

School was founded in 1867 in Hawkes Bay.  

9:16 Homework

Three mystery voices.                     

9:18 I Saw Them Fly 13’33”

A 1955 series of talks, introduced by Arnold Wall Jnr of 3YA Christchurch, in which Frederick Carpenter, who grew up in the village of Farnborough in the United Kingdom, recalls watching it become the centre of British aviation and his friendships with early aviators, from 1903 until the end of World War I. Part Two.

9:33 Artist: Rod Derrett 3’08”

Song: Kiwi Bungalow
Composer: Derrett
Album: 45 Puha and Pakeha
Label: HMV 

9:37 Book of the Week 20’06”

Entanglements of Empire, Missionaries, Maori and the Question of the Body by Tony Ballantyne, Auckland University Press, ISBN 9781869 408268            

9:54 Artist: Deane Waretini  3’08”
Song: Tarawera Eruption
Composer: Tuhourangi Hapu
Album: Now Is the Hour
Label: n/s                                     

9:58 Artist: Radio New Zealand Studio Orchestra (soloist Dick Le Fort) 2’45”

Song: Lucky Me
Composer: Black/Burke
Album: Orchestral Gold Vol 1
Label: Kiwi Tartar TRL 005