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8:03 Today In New Zealand History 4’19”

First appearance of the Inimitable Thatcher, Dunedin, 1 March 1862.

8:13 1957 1ZB Have Shot Talent Quest contestants 2’55”

Artist: Madsons (harmonicas)
Song: n/s
Album: Sound Archives
Label: n/a                                     

8:18 East Coast Housing Crisis 6’26"

In 1993 the state of housing in the East Coast region was described as at crisis point, much to the dismay of housing minister John Luxton. Stephen Parker covered the story for Morning Report.       

8:25 1957 1ZB Have Shot Talent Quest contestants 3’02”

Artist: Beverley Johnson (accordion)
Song: Sabre Dance
Composer: Khachaturian
Album: Sound Archives
Label: n/a                                      

8:30 2011 Canterbury earthquake anniversary 15’23”

Last week Christchurch marked the fourth anniversary of the earthquake of February 2011. Part of the city’s revival has seen the establishment of a new cricket ground at Hagley Park but as a reminder of what’s been lost here’s an extract from a 1994 Spectrum documentary in which Jack Perkins met people who used the park regularly. In part one we hear the Christchurch Town Crier (Stephen Symons) talking about Hagley Park. Two male runners talk about why they like jogging in the park. A policewoman from the Hagley Park horse patrol talks about crime in the park and the training the horses need. "Gail" a dog walker talks about an encounter with a young man in the park. A female English tourist from Somerset.                       

8:46 1957 1ZB Have Shot Talent Quest contestants 7’51”

Artist: The Four Highlights
Song: I’ve Told Every Little Star
Composer: Kern/Hammerstein
Album: Sound Archives
Label: n/a                                        

The winner of the 1957 Have a Shot Talent Quest was Leo McCaffrey

Artist: Leo McCaffrey 
Song: Cottage by the Lea
Album: Sound Archives
Label: n/a                                      

8:52 War Report 25 - 1 March 2015 6’28”

By March 1915 the war had settled down to a round of recruiting, sending parcels to Belgium and hearing news of the New Zealanders training in Egypt. The anti-military training lobby of the pre-war years had died off – patriotic support for the Empire overshadowed all. 

On New Year's Eve 1914, inflamed with anti-German hostility, a crowd of about a thousand people ransacked Friedrich and Anna Wohnsiedler's butchery in the main street of Gisborne. The couple fled with their three young children out a top-storey window and across planks to an adjacent building. Pork lovers' loss was to be wine lovers' gain, for the Wohnsiedlers retreated to Waihirere and there established Poverty Bay's first significant winery.
Ripa Island in Lyttelton harbour, once a detention centre for conscientious objectors was now an artillery base and the regulations regarding military detection of defaulting Territorial soldiers there were suspended – the high-minded protest of the young men imprisoned there in a year earlier almost forgotten. Jack Perkins describes the decline of military detention as patriotism builds.

Alex Dey recalls the headmaster of Christchurch Boys’ High School Charles Edmund Bevan-Brown, and his farewells to old boys leaving to serve overseas and his record keeping of all who gave their lives. 

A report on a farewell held by “the messengers in the various Government departments in Wellington, to the number of upwards of 100, met at a "smoke concert" last night to bid farewell to one of their number, Messenger J. Flynn.” 

Artist: John McCormack
Song: There’s a Long Long Trail A Winding
Composer: King/Elliott
Album: Oh, It’s a Lovely War Vol 2
Label: CD41 486309                                    

Artist: n/s
Song: We Don’t Want to Fight but By Jingo….
Composer: McDermott/Hunt
Album: n/s
Label: n/s                                    

Artist: Radio New Zealand Studio Orchestra (Ken Avery soloist) 3’33”
Song: She’s Out of My Life
Composer: Bahler
Album: Orchestral Gold Vol 1
Label: Kiwi Tartar TRL 005                             

9:07 As I Remember 6’50”

Monster In Central Park by Eli Kale, read by Duncan Smith.   

9:17 Artist: John Davidson 4’34”

Song: The Whistling Gypsy
Composer: Trad
Album: Radio New Zealand
Label n/a                                      

9:22 Remembering Dame Thea Muldoon 17’00”

Dame Thea Muldoon, the wife of former Prime Minister Sir Robert Muldoon, died on Tuesday and .a service to celebrate her life will be held at the All Saint's Chapel, in Meadowbank, Auckland on Tuesday afternoon. She was born Thea Dale Flyger and worked at an accountancy firm after leaving school. She was 20 years old when she first met her future husband through the Junior Nationals and she left her job in the costing office of Holeproof Ltd after marrying Rob Muldoon three years later in 1951. They had three children who had all left school when in mid-1975 Thea and Rob Muldoon appeared on National Radio together on Mr And Mrs Reminisces a weekly programme in which a married couple reminisced about their favourite music and songs and what memories they bring up.and here’s an extract from the Philip Linder programme.

Artist: Dinah Shore 
Song: Buttons and Bows
Composer: Livingston Evans
Album: Buttons and Bows
Label: Columbia

Artist: Dinah Shore 
Artist: Peter Paul and Mary 
Song: Puff the Magic Dragon
Composer: Lipton/Yarrow
Album: Peter, Paul and Mary: The Best of Ten Years Together
Label: Warner

Artist: Leontyne Price 
Song: Dove sono i bei (Marriage of Figaro)
Composer: Mozart
Album: 1972 Metropolitan Opera Gala’  
Label: DG-477 6540

Artist: Dora Bryan 
Song: Hello Dolly
Album: Hello Dolly  
Label: WRC ST 1027   

9:40 Landfall 4’07”

Charles Brasch, co-founder, talks about the early days of the literary magazine Landfall. Recorded in 1961. 

9:45 Artist: Neville Chamberlain (Cham the Man) 3’58” 

Song: The Wild Colonial Boy
Composer: Halford/Harvey
Album: 45
Label:HMV HR 175      

“Cham The Man” died in Wellington on February 6, 2007, aged 74. He compered a national hit parade from 1963. The Blockbusters formed to back artists for HMV in Wellington. 

9:50 Artist: Mike Harding 5’10”

Song: Invercargill
Composer: Wayne Gillespie
Album: Past to the Present
Label: RNZ NZ 2000                                 

9:55 1960's radio commercials

9:56 From the first year of radio recording – 1935. 3’56"

Some highlights, including an unforgettable racing commentary and the passing of a governor-general.                

Artist: Radio New Zealand Studio Orchestra (soloist Colin Hemmingson) 3’22” 

Song: My Love     
Composer: McCartney
Album: Orchestral Gold Vol 1
Label: Kiwi Tartar TRL 005