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8:09 Today In New Zealand History 3’19”

Discovery of the Chatham Island, 30 November 1791.

8:14 Homework

A short essay (maybe about 200 or 300 word)s on recollections of your favourite toys of childhood – why you liked them and what happened to them!

8:15 As I Remember 3’09”

Toy Story by Jan Ball of Papakura read by Sandy Powell.     

8:19 New Zealand army nurses send messages home from the Middle East on 14 March 1941 3’52”

Personal Messages from: Miss D.I. Brown, Waikato, Sister E.M. Sutherland Dunedin, Sister Mina Harvey, Invercargill, Sister Tui Warring, Invercargill, Sister Majorie Prophet, Taranaki and Palmerston North, Sister Majorie McKenzie, Te Kuiti, Sister Inga Sorenson, Hastings, Sister Mary Belk, Taihape and Sister Prudence Borlace, Napier.
8:24 Artist: Leo McCaffrey 1’56”

Song: Trotting to the Fair
Composer: Letts/Stanford
Album: The Mountains of Mourne
Label: RCA RPX 1134                          

Leo McCaffrey emigrated to New Zealand in 1955 and enjoyed wide success.

8:27 Living by Design - Part one 11’47"

A 1972 programme in which Lorraine Rishworth talks to Northland people who make their living out of the arts and crafts, discussing some of the methods used. It covers pottery, batik making, leather work and weaving. She talks with Yvonne Rust, potter; David Boyd, leather worker; Margaret Auchinvole, Hokianga spinner and weaver and Fassett Burnett, batik artist. They discuss their crafts and their creative lifestyles, which are sometimes seen as 'alternative' by the general public. 

8:39 Artist: Reon Murtha 4’32”

Song: The Musical Stakes
Composer: Owen
Album: 45
Label: HMV 7EGM 6063                            

8:44  A New Nurses’ Home 8’32”   

A new home was opened in Wellington on November 6 1958. Announcer Bill Beavis and shopping reporter Morva are taken on a guided tour of the new nurses’ home by deputy matron-in-chief Miss P Cook and talk to some of the nurses.                              

8:53  War Report 18 6’06”

By the end of November 1914 New Zealanders of the Main Body were about to land in Egypt. An extract from the dairy of Colonel William Malone illustrates his “martinet” style as he complains of men who refuse to be inoculated and from the biography of Cecil Malthus a description of a mess room protest about the quality of food on board.
Historian Chris Pugsley describes the first order issued to the New Zealand troops in Egypt which pointed out that the natives were inferior and should not be fraternised with. He comments on how this would affect the attitude to the Maori contingent.

A cable from London indicates that the New Zealanders would train in Egypt before being sent to the Western Front.

Music – extracts from:

Artist: John McCormack
Song: There’s a Long Long Trail A Winding
Composer: King/Elliott
Album: Oh, It’s a Lovely War Vol 2
Label: CD41 486309   

Artist: Ernie Mayne
Song: Lloyd George’s Beer
Composer: Mayne
Album: Songs of World War 1
Label: Goentertainment 557331                     

9:05 As I Remember 2’20” 

My Favourite Toy by Russell Harris of Auckland, read by Phil Smith. 

9:09 Artist: Hogsnort Rupert 2’29”

Song: What a Mouth
Composer: n/s
Album: Have a Hogsnort Summer
Label: EMI HSDM 1004

Recorded at the Beefeaters Arms Wellington Arms about 1969.

9:13 Homework

A short essay (maybe about 200 or 300 word)s on recollections of your favourite toys of childhood – why you liked them and what happened to them!

9:14 The story of the sinking of the Ventnor 2’27”

The story of the sinking of the Ventnor on 28 October 1902 read by Peter Harcourt from the 1940s series, Today in New Zealand History. The Ventnor left New Zealand carrying the bodies of 499 Chinese miners who had died here and couldn't afford the passage home. This year the wreck was discovered by divers and some artifacts have been removed. This week members of the Chinese community say they are alarmed not to have been consulted over the diving. New Zealand Chinese Association spokeswoman Wong Liu Shueng said the association had thought the wreck would be protected by its depth but now moves had been taken to protect it. There was anger that artifacts had been sent to China as they were significant to the Chinese community in New Zealand.  

9:20 Artist: Bridge City Jazzmen 2’25”

Song: On the Street Where You Live
Composer: Lerner/Lowe
Album: Viscount Music Vaults
Label: Zodiac                                    

9:23 First New Zealand female prime minister 7’04”

On 8 December 1997 Jenny Shipley became the first New Zealand female prime minister when Jim Bolger resigned the post. From a news conference before she took up the post Mrs Shipley reads a prepared statement and answers journalists’ questions about a coalition and other matters. National lost the next election and Mrs Shipley ended her role on 8 December 1999.                             

9:33 Artist: Rex Franklin 2’05”

Song: The Drovers Dream
Composer: Trad
Album: Upon the Outlaw Trail
Label: Bear family 716324 CD                    

9:38 Book of the Week 13’55”

On the Hoof: The Untold Story of Drovers in New Zealand by Ruth Entwistle Low. Penguin. ISBN 9780143571513. Ruth Entwistle Low talks about writing the book and introduces extracts from her interviews including June Leslie, Ray Stevens, Ian Mullooly and Don Monk.

9:52 Artist: Jim Morris 2’45”

Song: Tough Beats (poem)
Composer: Morris
Album: Different Worlds
Label: n/s                                    

9:55 Artist: Keith Lewis 4’20”

Song: Il mio tesoro
Composer: Mozart (Don Giovanni)
Album: Southern Voices
Label: Kiwi SLD 82