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8:10 Today In New Zealand History 4’18”

Wreck of the Elingamite with the loss of 45 lives - 9 November 1902                           

8:14 The Elingamite Survivors  9'44”

Extract from diaries kept by survivors and used in a Spectrum dramatisation of the event. (Selwyn Toogood last voice).

8:25 Homework

A short essay (maybe about 200 or 300 word)s on recollections of your favourite toys of childhood – why you liked them and what happened to them!

8:27 Artist: Ashley Couper (boy soprano) of Wellington 3’23”
Song: Il Bacio
Composer: Arditi
Album: n/a
Label n/a (Recorded 14 March 1938 at Recording Studios Ltd, Wellington)  

Recording Studios Ltd set up in May 1935 making them a very early importer of recording equipment.

We require Talent of all kinds—Vocal, Instrumental, and Speech—for inclusion in Recorded Programmes for Australian and Overseas Broadcasting Stations. Radio Drama Groups are now being formed for Recorded Plays, and those wishing to be enrolled are requested to make early application. Apply, personally or in writing, for an audition. RECORDING STUDIOS, LTD, Chas. Begg's Building, Manners Street, Wellington. Telephone 41-744.

In 1936 they played recordings by New Zealand artists at the Kings Theatre and advertised that for 7/6 ($40) competitors in the annual competitions could have a recording made.

The Broadcasting Board, known for its lack of imagination, was not as quick off the mark as private enterprise;
Auckland Star, 9 September 1935:
As recording apparatus is likely to become part and parcel of modern broadcasting services, the board, it is stated, has ordered, chiefly for experimental purposes, two sets of disc recorders, and it is expected that good use will be made of the apparatus.
Evening Post, 9 April 1936:
Recording for Broadcast. Recording equipment is now in use in the studio at 2YA, Wellington, and is proving a most useful adjunct. Many important events occurring at times unsuitable for broadcasting are being recorded and transmitted at an hour suitable to the majority of listeners. A library of special recordings of noteworthy events and talks by prominent people is also being built up, not only with a view to future programmes, but also with the object of preserving a permanent record for the Dominion.

8:32 Five-hundred-year-old pohutakawa tree 17’12”

It is said that the largest pohutakawa tree in New Zealand is at Te Araroa near East Cape. It is said to be 500 years old. In this 1970 programme Jean Abley interviews Bob McConnell, a teacher at Rerekohu District High school, and local resident Tom Hovell, about the tree.                                    

8:47 The Apple Song by children of Island Bay School 1’10”

8:50 Artist: Choir Choir Pants on Fire  2’25”
Song: Bread and Roses
Composer: Farina/Oppenheim
Album: Working Girl Blues
Label: n/s                                     

(Wellington trade union group - recorded at the office of the New Zealand Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union in Petone, November 1999)

The song originated during the 1912 textile strikes in Lawrence, Massachusetts when a group of women workers carried banners proclaiming “We want bread and roses too!”

8:53 War Report Episode 15 - 9 November 2014  6’38”

In early November 1914 the war still seemed far away – the Main Body of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force was heading to Egypt – by now nearing Ceylon.

Extract from Bay of Plenty Times in which news was dominated by the battles between British and German troops in Northern Europe.

But on 19th November an event much closer to home – the Australian navy ship Sydney sank the German raider Emden in the Indian Ocean with the loss of 134 German crew. The Emden had been on a rampage capturing 20 merchant vessels and sinking four warships. Unnamed New Zealand soldier describes the activity in the convoy and signaller Cyril Bassett (later to win the VC) describes reading the signals about the sinking of the Emden to the disbelief of his mates. An extract from the diary of Colonel William Malone describes the German prisoners held on his ship. The home front remained relatively quiet – and schoolgirl Marjorie Lees comments on the lack of war news at school but the emphasis on raising patriotic funds.


Artist: John McCormack
Song: There’s a Long Long Trail A Winding
Composer: King/Elliott
Album: Oh, It’s a Lovely War Vol 2
Label: CD41 486309

Artist: Courtland and Jeffries
Song: Oh, Oh, It’s a Lovely War
Composer: n/s
Album: Songs of World War 1
Label: Goentertainment 557331 1900s

Artist: John McCormack
Song: Keep the Home Fires Burning
Composer: n/s
Album: Songs of World War 1
Label: CD Geoentertainment 41 486286                       

9:05 As I Remember 1’37”      

The Ash Can Man by Roy Walker of Auckland read by Colin Feslier.              

9:08 Artist: Phil Garland 3’36”
Song: One of the Blokes
Composer: Garland
Album: No Place Like Home
Label: Kiwi SLC 270                                 

9:13 Homework results from October
1. The name of which New Zealand town commemorates a Danish princess? Alexandra
2. Mystery voice: Mike Moore.
3. Who wrote the scripts for a BBC comedy show which was one of the highlights of 1940s radio, famous for its catch phrases? New Zealander Ted Kavanagh for ITMA.

Winners and Prizes:
Fred Roberts of Point England, Auckland
Alan Tunnicliffe of Christchurch

Maori Tales of Love, War and Mana by David Simmons  Bush Press
A History of Crime: The Southern Double-Cross by Dinah Holman. Mary Egan Publishing


A short essay (maybe about 200 or 300 word)s on recollections of your favourite toys of childhood – why you liked them and what happened to them!

9:15 Edwardian New Zealand. Part Two 11’00”

Ena Ryan was born in Wellington in 1908 and developed a sharp eye for the quaintness and absurdities of the thriving social class system and the restricted life led by middle and upper class women.      

9:27 Artist: Martin Curtis 4’08”      
Song: Cardrona River
Composer: Curtis
Album: Beyond a Climber’s Mood
Label: Gin and Raspberry GRCD 025

Martin Curtis lives at the old gold mining town of Cardrona which was cut off by extensive flooding in November 1999.

9:32 Housewives’ Quiz 6’32”

An extract from a 1960s 1XN Whangarei morning programme in which housewives answer questions about domestic matters. Compere is Lorraine Rishworth and sponsors The Farmers.                     

9:40 Artist: Gravel Road 3’19”
Song: Chunuk Bair
Composer: n/s
Album: n/s
Label: n/s                                   

9:42 Book of the Week

How We Remember, edited by Charles Ferrall and Harry Ricketts Victoria University Press  ISBN 9780864739353
Charles Ferrall examines the “myth” which has grown up about Chunuk Bair on Gallipoli.