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8:08 Today In New Zealand History 4’42”

Public Debts Extinction Act became law, 28 September 1910.                        

8:14 Song: Shine Through My Dreams (from Glamorous Night) 3’19”

Artist: North Shore Ladies Choir
Composer: Ivor Novello
Album: Something to Sing About
Label: n/a                                 

8:22 Homework      

1. Which New Zealander is regarded as a “Queen of Crime”?     
2. Mystery voice        
3. Which Victorian novel is set on an island off New Zealand?   

8:21 Horse racing in Central Otago in the 19th Century 8’30”

Interviewees from the 1948 Mobil Unit tour of Central Otago recall the early days of racing in the goldfields towns. Their memories go back over 150 years. They are James R Munro, editor and proprietor of the Cromwell Argus newspaper, was born in Lawrence, Central Otago in 1899. His father came to New Zealand from Sutherlandshire, Scotland, as an infant which means that James is effectively a second generation New Zealander and George Wishart of Alexandra who rode The Wizard                         

8:32 Sounds Historical theme – what is it called?

8:33 Song: Hinemoa and Tutanakai 3’35”

Artist: Peter Sinclair and Wellington Maori Club
Composer: Kingi Ihaka
Album: Children’s Favourites
Label: EMI 538947 2 (Recorded 1978)                 

We talked a few weeks ago about the making of New Zealand,s first feature film in 1914 – “Hinemoa” – here’s the story of Hinemoa and Tutanekai.

8:37 Open Country 11’29”

One-time 3ZC chief announcer Angus Miller of Timaru reads a story written by Alistair Evans of Christchurch. Host Jim Henderson notes that this is the year of the production of New Zealand’s first official whiskey by Wilson’s in Dunedin so the programme must have been broadcast in 1974, the last year of Open Country. The tale is of four men from Craigmore Station and their antics with an illegal whiskey still. Craigmore Station is a 4,000 ha (10,000 acre) farm in the foothills of the Southern Alps and is owned by the Elworthy family who have farmed the land since 1864.  

8:50 Bookshelf

Maori Tales of Love, War and Mana by David Simmons, Bush Press ISBN 0986456497
8:51 Song: Murder in the Market  

Artist: Inia Te Wiata  (with pianist Maurice Till, recorded 1968)
Composer: Trad
Album: Inia Te Wiata A Popular Recital
A song from Barbados.

8:53 War Report Episode 9 6’32”

Reports from Blenheim newspaper on fundraising and from the Evening Post a report of a march to Fielding from Palmerston North. Leonard Leary recalls the visit of two German warships to Samoa and the coal held there, The German official who persuaded the ships to leave.

Artist: Robert Howe
Song: Soldiers of the King
Composer: Leslie Stuart
Album: Oh, It’s A Lovely War Vol 2
Label: CD 41 486309                             

9:06 As I Remember 3’24”

Flying in the Fifties by Jim Sunckell, read by Gavin McGinley. First broadcast in 2005.                      

9:11 Song: Honeysuckle Rose 3’15”

Artist: The Sunny City Seven
Composer: Razaf/Waller
Album: n/a
Label: n/a (recorded by NZBS)                        

Noel Peach of Tanza recorded many artists in the 1940s-1950s and this group was one of them. This disc was recorded by the NZBS in Auckland on 23 April 1949. Bob Griffith (trumpet), Jim Warren (valve trombone), Derek Heine (clarinet), John McKenzie (piano), Ray Gunter (guitar), Bob Ewing (bass) and Neil Dunningham (drums).

9:16 Homework

1. Which New Zealander is regarded as a “Queen of Crime”?     
2. Mystery voice        
3. Which Victorian novel is set on an island off New Zealand?   

9:22 Song: Revival Mutiny 3’58”

Artist: Andy Kenna (of Berkshire)
Composer: Bob Watson/ Mike McPhee (from the Catlins)
Album: Old Ports of Call
Label: n/s                                

9:28 Book of the Week 19’14”

No Front Line – Inside Stories of New Zealand’s Vietnam War by Claire Hall, Penguin ISBN 9780143571889

Claire Hall discusses her oral history project recording the memories of Vietnam war veterans and others associated with the conflict. She introduces extracts from interviews with Ray Beatson, Bruce Goodhall, Sandy Hayes, David Morris and wives of soldiers. Included is a 1967 interview with a protester at the gathering in front the United States consulate building in Auckland and comments by veteran Bill Godfrey who attended the Australian “welcome home” parade in 2007.                     

9:49 Song: As Time Goes By 4’21”

Artist: Howard Morrison
Composer: Hupfield
Album: This is My Lifel
Label: n/s                                     

9:54 By popular request 3’21”

A famous moment in New Zealand sport – the Harold Abrahams commentary on Jack Lovelock’s gold medal at the Berlin Olympic Games in 1936.