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8:09 Today In New Zealand History 4’37”

14 September 1916 race horse Gloaming imported by New Zealand owner.   

8:16 Song: Pelorous Jack

Artist: Andy Kenna
Composer: Bob Watson
Album: Old Ports of Call
Label: n/a

8:22 Johnny Cooper 20’29”

An extract from a 1993 Spectrum documentary about rock and roll pioneer Johnny Cooper who died last week, produced by Jerome Cvitanovich.

8:43 Song: Rock Around the Clock 2’08”

Artist:  Johnny Cooper with Ken Avery and his Rockin’ Rhythm
Composer: Freedman
Album: 78
Label: HMV HR 62 

8:45 Homework        

1. Which New Zealander is regarded as a “Queen of Crime”?     
2. Mystery voice        
3. Which Victorian novel is set on an island off New Zealand?   

8:46 Brian Edwards 5’43”

On his early days in television and the pioneering current affairs programme Gallery recorded 1971.                       

8:52 War Report Episode 7 6’25”     
F M B Fisher describes the assurance from the admiralty that it was safe for the troopships to leave Wellington and the reaction of other politicians. Alfred Mazengarb describes the ships leaving and his own ship being held back and learning from MP Charles Statham and F M B Fisher that the sailings were cancelled. Fisher tell his story of the recall.

Artist: Stanley Kirby
Song: We Didn’t Want to Fight
Composer: n/s
Album: Oh, It’s a Lovely War Vol 2
Label: CD41 486309                              

9:05 As I Remember 4’42”

The Trains Don’t Stop Here Anymore, by Mrs C McGlone of Waipukurau, read by Alison Lloyd Davies.                      

9:10 Radio Nederland 4’02”

Listeners supply information about Radio Nederland after the station’s interval signal was broadcast on Sounds Historical a few weeks ago and one listener supplied an extract recorded off-air which featured New Zealand broadcaster Paul Holmes (one of many New Zealanders to have worked on the station) in  July 1979. 

9:15 Song: Riding High 2’18”

Artist: Simon Morris
Album: 45 Songs of the Railway
Label; Viking NZR001                            

One of a set of songs released in 1978 as part of a railways promotion.

9:18 Homework        

1. Which New Zealander is regarded as a “Queen of Crime”?     
2. Mystery voice        
3. Which Victorian novel is set on an island off New Zealand?

9:19 Waiouru Revisited 8’18”

In 1952 Colin McKay visited the army camp at Waiouru and recorded his memories of army training there.

9:28 Song: The Black Stump 2’00”

Artist: Phil Garland
Composer: Joe Charles
Album: Billycan Ballads
Label: Kiwi SLC 060                              

9:30 Bookshelf

Blackberry Pie 48 New Zealand Ballads by, Robyn Matheson with drawings by Dora Mullins. Wily Publications  ISBN 9781927 167151

9:33 The Dambusters 22’52"

There’s been a a call for a special medal for the men who were part of the famous Dambusters raid in May 1943. 617 Squadron was set up to attack the dams of the Ruhr in an effort to wreck the industrial capacity of Germany. Three men are still alive from that raid – one is 95-year-old Les Munro of Tauranga who earlier this year was asked to sit for his portrait to be placed in the Imperial War Museum. Les was twice decorated for his flying exploits and is content with the recognition he has received and believes there is no need for a special medal.

Of the 19 Lancasters that flew on that full-moon night, only 11 returned. Munro was scheduled to bomb the Sorpe dam but his aircraft was damaged by flak over the Netherlands which knocked out all communications, and after a vote among the crew it turned back to land in Lincolnshire, still carrying its mine. A few years ago Les Munro recorded these memories.

Les Munro stayed in the air force after the war and then returned to New Zealand where he worked as a property valuer and then on farms in the King Country before establishing his own farm near Te Kuiti. For some time he was involved in local politics as a councillor, and served as Mayor of Waitomo District Council from 1978 to 1995.

9:56 Song: Dambusters March 3’51”        

Artist: The English Chamber Orchestra
Composer: Coates
Album: AJA 5069
Label: ASW