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8:10 Today In New Zealand History

Missionary Henry Williams arrives in New Zealand 3 August 1823.

8:17 Song: Karangatia Ra

Artist: Waihirere Maori Club
Composer: Ngata Album: Maori Songs and Hakas
Label: WRC LZ 4114

8:22 Homework

1. Approximately how many men volunteered to join the army during the first week of World War One?
2. Name the mystery voice
3. The hard one - which Labour prime minister worked on a North Otago newspaper?

8:24 The life and times of Bennydale (Part 2)

The King Country settlement of Bennydale was set up as a model coalmining township in 1940 by Paddy Webb, Minister of Mines in the first Labour Government. Jack Perkins looks at the life and times of Bennydale in a 1983 documentary.

8:41 Song: Northern Lights/A Gordon For Me

Artist: Robert Wilson
Composer: n/s
Album: Robert Wilson
Label: HMV MCLP 6122

8:46 MAF's Metric Moments

An episode from a series about the lighter side of farm metrics, with Bill White. A 1970s series.

8:49 Song: I'll Come When You Call

Artist: Mary Feeney with the Astor Rhythm
Composer: Caryll
Album: Kiwi Nostalgia
Label; CD BMG 74321 392832

8:53 War Report Episode One 3 August 2014

Tom Seddon MP describes the announcement of war on 5 August and reaction in the House. Ena Ryan, then a schoolgirl, recalls the events of that day. Extracts from contemporary newspapers in Nelson and Hawkes Bay.

Music; extracts from -

Artist: John McCormack
Song: There's a Long Long Trail A Winding
Composer: King/Elliott
Album: Oh, It's a Lovely War Vol 2
Label: CD41 486309

Artist: Robert Howe
Song: Soldiers of the King
Composer: Leslie Stuart
Album: Oh, It's a Lovely War Vol 2
Label: CD41 486309

9:06 As I Remember

First Class Journey by John Bonallack, read by Phil Smith

9:14 Song: Answer to the Pub with No Beer

Artist: Les and Jean Calder
Composer: Nicholson
Album: Rambling
Label: HMV MCLP 6042

9:18 Results for July homework

What surname is shared by a leader of the labour party and a Leader of the national party?

Holland. Harry Holland (Labour) and Sid Holland (National)

Winners; Laurence Hannah, Mt Cook, Wellington; Graeme Cairns, Te Pahi, Waikato;

Prizes: Creature Comforts by Nancy Swarbrick; Pills and potions by Claire Le Couteur (Both from Otago University Press)

9:20 New Zealand's first prisoner of war in World War Two

Lawrence Edwards of Patea, Taranaki, was with the RAF when he was shot down and captured early in September 1939. He tells something of his story and we examine the possiblilty that he was unwittingly part of a German propaganda radio broadcast.

9:28 Song: Never see My Home Again

Artist: Hamilton County Bluegrass Band
Composer: Dillard
Album: Country Touch Vol 2
Label:Calendar SR67-96195

9:31 Hobson Street Farmers store

On 3 August 1990 the Farmers store in Hobson Street, Auckland, was put up for sale, marking the beginning of the end of a retail institution. Patricia Herbert reports on the closing of most of the retail space. In a 1995 item Charles Pierard talks to Robin Clark, maintenance manager, about the building's history and to Chris Minty about the developement of the building as an hotel and apartment block.

9:42 Song: Ave Maria

Artist: Kiri Te Kanawa
Composer: Arr: Bearb
Album: Kiri Te Kanawa Ave Maria
Label: Philips CD 412 629 2

9:46 The 1949 referendum on introduction of compulsory military training

The 1949 referendum on introduction of compulsory military training voted strongly in favour of the proposal. In an all-station broadcast Prime Minister Peter Fraser and Leader of the Opposition Sid Holland gave their views on the outcome.