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8:09 Today in New Zealand History 4’09”

20 July 1891, Death of Sir Frederick Weld.

8:17 Song: When I’m Calling You 3’47” 

Artist: Maureen Kingi (Miss New Zealand 1962) with Ivor Fisher (vocal)
Composer: Friml
Album: This is Maureen Kingi
Label: Kiwi LC 8 CD                               

8:23 Homework – question for July

What surname is shared by a leader of the Labour Party and a Leader of the National Party?

8:25 Kumara – a portrait of a town 14’33”

Produced by Douglas Lawson who also did the interviews, and introduced by John Pike.

A documentary exploring the colourful history of Kumara, a town on the West Coast. Residents, including the local priest and children, talk about life in Kumara. Most pastimes involve interaction with the natural environment. Jimmy the tame deer was popular amongst locals. The importance of the annual race meeting is also discussed and there’s mention of gold nuggets as prizes. There is a general sense that change is looming for the community and this is not necessarily seen as a positive thing for the town's future. Part Two. Recorded in 1969.

8:41 Song: Rocking the Cradle 6’58”

Artist: Phil Garland
Composer: Garland
Album: Springtime in the Mountains
Label: Kiwi SLC 178 1984                      

8:49 Clara Cording recalls the 1855 Wellington earthquake 0’23"

8:51 Mrs Hannah Cross (nee Peterson), aged 96, of Andersons Bay 6’50”

Describes her family's arrival in Dunedin in 1848, her mother's life while her father was absent for several years, farming at Waipori, food sources; relations with Māori. From the Mobile Unit collection in which she is the oldest speaker, born in Dunedin in 1851. She speaks with the vowels and intonations of West Highland Scottish English and is included in Canterbury University’s survey of New Zealand speech.               

9:06 As I Remember 1’35”

The Ash Can Rider by Roy Walker of Hillsborough, Auckland.  

9:10 Song: Magpie’s Song 5’15”

Artist: Alan Downes
Composer: Downes
Album: The Best
Label: n/a                                   

9:16 Homework – question for July

What surname is shared by a leader of the Labour Party and a Leader of the National Party?

9:18 Restoring the Edwin Fox 16’48”

A 1964 interview in which Bill Lethwick discusses plans to restore the historic ship at Picton with Norman Brayshaw of Blenheim and Dr Robert Falla of the Dominion Museum. Then a 1988 programme in which Philip Liner reports on restoration progress in a discussion with Tony Troak and Mike Sexton.     

9:36 Song: Spray of the Ocean 3’41”

Artist: The Maritime Crew
Composer: Sunde
Album: Under The Southern Cross
Label:Manu CD 2014                               

9:41 Snow pioneers 16’32”

In a 1998 Spectrum documentary Deborah Nation visits Mt Hutt in Mid Canterbury to explore modern skiing and talks to Alan Wills and Grace Adams about the old times.