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8:11 Today in New Zealand History 4’13”

Sir Robert Stout - 22 June 1899 appointed chief justice.   

8:14 Song: I’ll Come When You Call 3’08” 

Artist: Mary Feeney with the Astor Rhythm
Composer: Caryll
Album: Kiwi Nostalgia
Label: BMG 74321 392832   

8:20 Homework – questions for June

1. Name the female singer
2. Which New Zealand Prime Minister captained the Canterbury rugby team?

8:22 Marooned trampers interviewed in 1950 4'56"

In June 1950 some of the 31 members of the Catholic Tramping Club, who had been marooned on Kapiti Island for three days due to bad weather, were interviewed by a 2YA announcer about their experience. Lack of tobacco is mentioned! 

8:31 Song: Let’s Talk It Over 2’58”

Artist: Pixie Williams with the Ruru Karaitiana
Composer: Karaitiana
Album: For the Record
Label: BSR 002                                

8:35 The opening of the Palmerston North rail deviation and new station on 21 October 1963 7’05”

Speeches from the mayor, Gilbert Rennie, local MP William Brown and Minister of Railways John McAlpine.               

Last year a push to revive the old station for the 50th anniversary. The pillars, seats and walls along the platform were painted, planter boxes with marigolds.

8:46 Song: Starlight Hotel 2’54”

Artist: Marg Layton
Composer: Chris Prowse
Album: There Goes the Shiner
Label: PROCO2                                 

8:51 Young Farmers’ Clubs mark their 21st anniversary at their Dunedin conference in 1956 8”13”

Founder “A C” (actually Christie Alexander) Cameron tells of the setting up of the clubs in Otago in 1935. The first Young Farmers clubs were established in Feilding in 1927 and Auckland in 1932, but much of the organisation's early growth came in the south. By the early 1930s, there were eight clubs in Otago alone, and they formed New Zealand’s first Young Farmers Federation. The federation rapidly expanded, containing 40 clubs by 1935, over half of them from Otago and with only two in the North Island.

9:06 As I Remember 4’42”

Picnics by Janice Read of Petone. Read by Gail Hedges. 

9:13 Song: The Shifting Whispering Sands 2’29”

Artist: The Stardusters
Composer: Gilbert
Album: Kiwi Nostalgia
Label: BMG 74321 392832 

9:16 Homework – questions for June

1. Name the female singer
2. Which New Zealand Prime Minister captained the Canterbury rugby team?

9:17 The Polio Epidemics - Part 1 16’59”

A 1993 Spectrum documentary produced by Jerome Cvitanovich. In 1916 over 1,000 cases of polio were reported in New Zealand – with 123 deaths. Over the next five decades fear of polio took hold with a series of epidemics.

9:38 Song: Cole Porter Medley

Artist: National Male Choir of New Zealand 1999 
Composer: Porter
Album: National Male Choir of New Zealand
Label: n/s

9:47 The Virtual City – with Zoe Roland 8’45”

Jim Sullivan tours Christchurch’s now almost-destroyed High Street and learns of the computer programme which “recreates” the street. Comments from Jenny May, architectural historian.           

9:57 Song: I Wanna Cut Your Hair 2’14”

Artist: Howard Morrison Quartet 
Composer: Lennon McCartney
Album: The Very Best of the Howard Morrison Quartet
Label: EMI 7243 5968442 0