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8:11 Today in New Zealand History 4’05”

The sack of  a whaler at the Chathams – 4 May 1838

8:17 The last commentary by Winston McCarthy 13’04”

University vs Onslow at Athletic Park, Wellington, 27 April 1957. Post-match presentation with speeches by Wellington Rugby Union President L. Price and Winston McCarthy with For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow sung by the crowd.                                 

8:35 Song: Well Don’t You Know 2’39’

Artist: Eddie Howell with Ben Tawhiti and The Matonairs
Composer: N/S
Album: Then Rock and Roll Hit New Zealand
Label: Zodiac                            

8:40 Fifty Years Since the last Wellington tram, 2 May 1964 10’39”

Recordings made at the final run. D J King, assistant superintendent of the Wellington Tramways Department, who joined in 1920, gives the history of the trams.                

8:52 Song: The Wellington Trams 2’40”

Artist: Pat Rogers
Composer: Cazna Gyp
Album: 45
Label: Kiwi 7EGM 6064                           

8:55 Radio commercials of the 1960s 1’27”

Ronson, RollerDoor, Uhu glue

8:57 As I Remember

Anzac Day in My Childhood by Gwen Henderson of Tauranga.
9:08 As I Remember 2’46”

The Other Woman by Jack Roper of Taumarunui. Read by Duncan Smith.    

9:14 Song: Deep In The Heart of Texas/White Cliffs of Dover 3’10”

Artist: Howard Morrison Quartet
Composer: Swander/Kent
Album:  The Very Best of the Howard Morrison Quartet
Label: EMI 7243 5968442 0 

9:21 Song: Synove’s Song 12’09”

Artist: Shirley Wightman, Hamilton, 1946
Composer: Kjernulf
Album: Sound Archives  

Shirley Wightman (wife of All Black the late Ross Wightman) recalls her singing career and family life 68 years after that recording in an interview from her home in Papamoa Beach.

9:34 Song: State House Song 3’49”

Artist: Dave Jordan
Composer: Jordan
Album: Kiwiana Goes Pop
Label: N/S                               

9:41 Book of the Week: Beyond the State by Bill McKay and Andrea Stevens. 17’30”

Bill Mackay discusses early state housing. Penguin: ISBN 978 0 143 57065 3