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8:11 Today in New Zealand history 4’07”

Name change from Petre to Wanganui, 26 January 1864 

8:18 Song: South Pacific medley 4’19”

Artist: Jack Thompson
Composer: Rodgers
Album: Songs from the Shows 

8:24 Miss New Zealand 1947 6’21"

Mary Wootton departs for a six-month trip to London. She is interviewed by Grace Green at Harewood Airport, Christchurch. John Stannage of the NZBS also farewells her. Includes sound effects of Dakota aircraft taking off.  

8:32 The story of a country cinema 26’39”

Geraldine, South Canterbury, 1924-2014.

9:06 As I remember 5’04”

Washing Day by Glenis Henry of Taurikura, Whangarei. Read by Rebecca Blundell.                             

9:14 Song: A Portrait of My Love 3’42”

Artist: Howard Morrison
Composer: West
Album: Songs This is My Life                   

9:19 Over my shoulder 7’06”

Alwyn Owen recalls some musical associations.
9:27 Song: Come Together 2’58”

Artist: Steve Allen
Composer: Allen
Album: Viking VS 294                          

9:30 The 1974 Commonwealth Games forty years on 10’04”

The opening ceremony.   

9:42 Song: Way Down Yonder in New Orleans 2’10"

Artist: Red Hewitt and the Buccaneers
Composer: n/s
Album: From the Stebbing Zodiac

9:44 Book of the week 15’16”

New Zealand’s Lost Heritage by Richard Wolfe. New Holland
ISBN 978 1 86966 387 2