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8:08 Today in New Zealand History 8 December 1902 - The All Red Cable

8:16 Song: American Patrol

Artist: Glenn Miller Orchestra

Composer: n/s.

Album Hits of the War Years

Label: Rajon 743515 3'10"

8:22 David Finlayson, a New Zealand soldier in Hawaii just before and just after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour on 6 December 1941 describes his impressions in a wartime recording.

8:34 Song: Falling in Love Again

Artist: Marlene Dietrich


Album Victory Collection

Label: AVM 128 3'09"

8:37 Percy Chase - a Spectrum documentary of the life of a multi-talented man (Part 1)

8:50 Over My Shoulder - Alwyn Owen recalls his younger days

8:57 Bob Semple speech extract - 1949

9:06 As I Remember - The Train by Glenis Henry of Taurikura, Whangarei

Read by Rebecca Blundell.

9:11 Song: Madonna and Child

Artist: H Milverton Carter

Composer: Thiman

Album n/s

Label: Process PR55

9:15 The magazine Woman's Weekly began this day in 1932

In this 1994 interview food columnist Tui Flower talks about her work.

9:29 Bill Main on the history of photography in New Zealand (Part 2)

Recorded in 1985.

9:44 Book of the Week - A Changing Land, Sir Donald McLean's Maraekakaho, 1857 to Today, by Alan Scarfe

Published by Fraser Books ISBN 9780992247607 14'45"

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