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8:09 Today in New Zealand History

An Otago character, JGS Grant annoys the Provincial Council 9 June 1864


8:16 Song: Why Do I Love You

Album: 003
Label: Zodiac
Dur: 3'17"

8:21 Homework

What group was formed by the Campions in 1953?

8:22 Dorothy Jean Maybury

Dorothy Jean Maybury died on 23 May. With her husband Jack Maybury she was part of the radio quiz shows which ruled the airwaves in the 1950s. In this 2001 interview she recalls her life in wartime and in radio.


8:34 Extract from Jack Maybury quiz shows


8:44 Artist: New Zealand Symphony Orchestra

Song: The A and P Show
Comp: Goodwin
Album: 8.557417
Label: Naxos

Dur: 2'22"

8:46 This is New Zealand

Jim Henderson visits Milford Sound in the mid-1950s.


9:08 Radio Daze by John Terris

Part 4 10'24"

Artist: Bobby Darin

Song: Splish Splash

Comp: Kaufman/Darin

Album: 833610

Label: Atlantic

Dur: 2'12"

9:20 Homework

Answers for May. The mystery voices were Sir Bernard Fergusson and his son George Fergusson. 1'05"

9:24 Artist: Pat Rogers

Song: Sheep Cocky
Comp: Rogers
Album: EA 25
Label: Kiwi

Dur: 3'09"

9:28 Actor Paul Eddington of "Yes, Prime Minister"

Paul Eddington comments on invitation to meet David Lange at the Beehive, in interview with Pam Corkery on 27 January 1988


9:33 The Duke of Edinburgh speaks at a parliamentary reception in late 1956. 5'25"

9:39 Artist: Peter Dawson

Song: When the Sergeant Major's on Parade

Comp: Longstaffe

Album: AJA 5431

Label: ASV

Dur: 3'01" 3'01"

9:42 Book of the Week -

Migrations:  Journeys in Time and Place by Rod Edmond
Bridget Williams Book
ISBN 9 781927 131466