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8:11 Today in New Zealand History

Hawkes Bay Earthquake 3 February 1931

8:19 Happy Wanderer (Siegesmund)

Kokatahi Band CD Kiwi SLC 274

8:23 Paul Holmes

Broadcaster Paul Holmes died on Friday. His career was full of highlights but here are two memorable moments, a helicopter crash in 1986 in which his cameraman was killed and an interview about the same time abruptly ended by Sir Robert Muldoon. Holmes also comments on the role of a broadcaster in an interview with Linda Clark at the time he left TVNZ.

8:32 Hine E Hine

Ana Hato CD Kiwi SLC 242

8:35 Sir James Henare

At Waitangi on February 6 1953, Northland leader Sir James Henare calls on the government to make the day a national holiday.

8:43 The Last of the Old Timers (Curtis)

Martin Curtis GRCD 023

8:47 Naseby History and Harmony Part 1

1948 programme. Re-enactment of town crier; actuality of residents recalling the town crier and the sort of events he would publicise in the 1870s and 80s; Messrs Dickson, Weatherall and Strong at The Ancient Briton (Also some re-enactment by actors) Various yarns and stories of local identities and alcohol: a prohibition speaker, Mr Kerr being heckled by locals. Winter stopped mining as the ground froze; curling and other games were played by miners to pass the time; mass football matches; 1908 heavy snowfall of 5 feet. Mr Dickson recalls his mother wearing a crinoline and later a bustle. Skating is very popular in winter; Miss Brenda Bell recalls her mother skating in the 1860s and 1870s and a big skating party in the 1930s. 12’10”

9:00 News

9:08 As I Remember

Flying the Tasman in the 1950s by Beth Ensor of Stoke.

9:12 New Zealand Presents

Performers from the 1950s.

9:27 Naseby History and Harmony Part 2

Children of Naseby School sing “Drink to me only with thine eyes”; Discussion on Naseby history at the Ancient Briton Hotel by C. Dickson, town clerk; J.T. Weatherall, mayor and W. Strong, a well-known watchmaker. Mr Dickson who is 80, recalls he was the first boy born at Naseby, his father arrived at the diggings in 1862. Descriptions of sluicing and building water races for gold mining. Some facts of Naseby history are recalled in a re-enactment by actors.

9:38 No Regrets (Scott/Garland)

Phil Garland CD Kiwi SLC 212”

9:42 Book of the Week

To Everything There is a Season, Naseby - a history
By Keith Scott
Naseby Vision
ISBN 978 0 473 21854 6