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8:13 Today in New Zealand History

The Triumph of Summer Time 30 September 1927 4'28"

8:20 I Love You Because

Esme Stephens with Julian Lee's piano and rhythm CD Zodiac 005 2'40"

8:25 Mary Anderson remembers her life as a political activist on the West Coast

Part 3 5'31"

8:32 Don't You Know Yokomo

Dinah Lee CD EMI 4710582 2'31"

8:37 Peter Downes recalls the NZBS variety show Intimate Review which starred Alan Dunford who died last week 13'22"

8:51 As I Remember

Wartime Cobar Incident at Rona Bay by Anne Richards of Milford, Auckland.

8:54 New Zealand Building History: Robert Vale with Episode 8 - Learning to Build

Talking about building toys, making the point that while real buildings are designed to be permanent and unalterable. toy building sets have to be used in many different ways: 4'46"

8:06 As I Remember

Hawera Days - written and read by John Terris.

Part one. 5'58"

9:15 Hawera Main School Choir with two items recorded by the Mobile Unit in the mid-1940s


9:18 Bookshelf

A Place called Moonlight by Trevor Johnston
ISBN 978 0 473 19924 1

John Lazar by Doug Stapleton
ISBN 978 0 473 21635 1

9:22 The Hamilton Citizens' Band

The Hamilton Citizens' Band plays a selection from the New World Symphony (Dvorak) with which they took first place in the D Grade Test Selection at the New Zealand Brass Band Championships in Auckland in 1955. 12'30"

9:36 Building History

Moving Houses by Nigel Isaacs 6'40

9:43 Book of the Week

Mighty Moves: Heavy Haulage and House Moving in New Zealand by Bee Dawson
Wairau Press
ISBN 9781927 158050 15'22