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8:11 Today in New Zealand History

A National Government in War: 12 August 1915.


8:16 Half a Photograph

Rina Menzies CD Stebbing Zodiac 002 3'27"

8:24 Homework

8:27 Extracts from the BBC Calling the Pacific programme at the close of the 1948 Olympic Games in London

The Lord Mayor of Melbourne talks about his campaign to get the 1956 Games for his city.

White's Hotel (Garland) CD SLC 261

Phil Garland 13'00"

8:40 1928 Olympic boxing gold medalist Ted Morgan describes his winning fight


8:44 In The Cool Cool Cool of the Evening

Lyn Christie Trio CD Stebbing Zodiac 002 2'53"

8:47 A History of Building Technology - Part 1

Years of interesting innovation - the first nail gun?

Written and read by Nigel Isaacs. 3'12"

8:52 A Great Olympian

Murray Halberg talks to Peter Sellers about his athletic career in a 1970s interview. 7'04"

9:08 As I Remember

Shoes by Lynette Elphick of Greymouth. Read by Rebecca Blundell.


9:14 Hold Me

Aileen Kayes and Del Harris CD Stebbing Zodiac 002 2'46"

9:20 Homework

9:23 A 1940s Childhood

Dame Alison Holst reads from her autobiography A Home Grown Cook - the Dame Alison Holst story by Alison Holst and Barbara Larson. Published by Hyndman. Part Two - Parents and Pets during an Opoho Childhood. 8'36"

8:35 My Sugar is So Refined

Mavis Rivers CD Stebbing Zodiac 002 2'50"

9:38 Book of the Week

Convicts: New Zealand's hidden criminal past, by Matthew Wright.
Published by Penguin
ISBN 13: 9781742532493


9:55 Sweetheart in Calico (O'Connell)

Pixie Williams CD Blue Smoke BSR002 2'44"