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8:11 Today in New Zealand History

British forces defeat Maori at Ohaeawai, 1 July 1845

8:18 Get On Board

The Harmonaires

CD Stebbing Zodiac 001 2'25"

8:24 Homework

8:26 Sir James Bisett's memories of visiting New Zealand by sailing ship in 1902

From Commodore (Augus and Roberston) ex Kevin of Whakatane

Under the Southern Cross (Sunde)

The Maritime Crew

CD Manu 2014 10'56"

8:39 Queen returns to London from Africa on death of King George, February 1952


8:43 My Favourite Place

Harding Point Dargaville by Pat Conaglen. 1'53"

8:46 New Zealand Presents - Programme 5

Hawaiian Serenaders (Dunedin), Hawaiian War Chant (Kalapana)

John Parkin (Wellington) piano, A Pretty Girl is Like a Melody (Berlin)

Noel Hapgood (Christchurch) saxophone, Spanish Dance (Granados)

William Clothier (Wellington), baritone, The Blind Ploughman (Clark) 12'53'

9:06 As I Remember

Seadown, Mixie and Phar Lap by John Ross of Picton, read by Duncan Smith 4'26"

9:13 My Baby's Coming Home

Edwin Duff and the Esquires

CD Stebbing Zodiac 001 3'08'

9:18 Homework

9:22 The Seekers

Interviews on the set of the film The Seekers, filmed in the Bay of Plenty and released in 1954. 13'34"

9:40 Calla Calla

Ellen Vann

CD Stebbing Zodiac 001 2'34"

9:44 Book of the Week

Poenamo by John Logan Campbell
Random House
ISBN 978 1 86979 798 0

Professor Russell Stone discusses the new edition of the classic book by "The Father of Auckland"