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8:09 Sullivan’s Century 1952

Headlines read by David Knowles

High Noon (Washington)

Frankie Laine 4’53”

8:16 Today in New Zealand History

The Wairau “Massacre” 17 June 1843 4’55”

8:22 Homework

8:26 My Favourite Place by Peter Wilkes of Christchurch

The now-destroyed Lyttelton time ball.

8:29 Walkin’ To Missouri

Lee Smith   

CD Stebbing Zodiac Vol 3   3’00” 

8:35 That Was 1952 - Part 1


8:46  New Zealand Presents – Music from the 1940s - programme 3

Dick Colvin Band with vocalist Joyce Picard (Dunedin), Gotta Be This or That

The Knaves, vocal group (Auckland) – McNamara’s Band (O’Connor)

Robert Henry, piano (Wellington_ - Seguidilla (Albeniz)

The Three Warrens (Mother Ivy and sons Barry and Wyatt) vocal – Wait for Me Mary          


9:06 As I Remember - Polling Days by Noel Packer

Cruising around Hawaii, read by Phil Smith.  1’33”

9:09 There’s a Pawnshop on the Corner

Mavis Rivers and Julian Lee  CD Stebbing Zodiac Vol 1  2’47”

9:13 Homework

9:16 My Favourite Place

Nelson Creek by Rodger Mills 


9:22 The giant powhiri at Rotorua in January 1954 to welcome the Queen


9:34 My Favourite Place

Dunedin Railway Station and Taieri Gorge Railway by Judy Radford of Wellington. 2’18” 

9:38 Evertrue, Evermore

Del Harris     

CD Stebbing Zodiac Vol 1  3’07”

9:42 Kiwi Writes French History

Frazer Barton, a Dunedin lawyer, has a holiday home in a French village and while researching the history of the small town he ended up writing its history.