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8:10 Hymn by New Plymouth Brass Band

And Now O Father mindful of the love 3'03"

8:14 Today in New Zealand History

The Midland Railway taken over by the government, 27 May 1895. 4'32"

8:21 Taranaki (Saunders)

Barry Saunders - Tribute to Taranaki written in the 1990s by Barry Saunders formerly of The Warratahs.

Rowan TC 003 2'21"

8:24 Homework

8:27 The Boy from Spring Grove

The early life of Lord Rutherford. Part 3. 12'36"

8:40 Northburn (Parsons)

Rosy Parsons CD 5'22"

8:46 A Dog's Life - part two.

ritten by Alwyn Owen and featuring actor Grant Tilly who died recently. 13'20"

9:08 As I Remember - Stories from the Sawmill

The memories of the late Jack Taylor, read by Robb Webb. Part Four 10'33"

9:21 Whistling Rufus (Trad)

Jack Thompson (piano) and Garth Young (Hammond organ)

LP HMV CDSM 6275 2'04"

A call for letters from South Africa during the South African War

Zed Potgeiter, P.O.Box 743, Christchurch

9:25 Homework

9:29 Violet Capstick remembers playing the piano for the silent films during the 1910s and 1920s


9:39 Bookshelf

Flight Path Dunedin - a history of aviation in Otago by Jim Sullivan
Dunedin International Airport Ltd
Private Bag 1922, Dunedin
ISBN 978 047319190 0

9:42 Mike Crean, writer for the Press, shares his enthusiasm for finding out about the history of the places he visits