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8:12 Today in New Zealand History - May 6 1934 - death of Sir Henry Wigram

8:16 Homework

If you could take a visitor to only one historical building or location in your part of the country, where would you take them and why? 1'44"

8:18 "We Reap Their Harvest" - a 1950s dramatized documentary series about famous New Zealanders

This episode tells the story of Sir Henry Wigram. Part One

8:34 When Moonbeams Softy Fall Lance Fairfax CD 3'15"

8:38 As I Remember: The Horowhenua Collection by the Levin Combined Probus Clubs

Ash Bell: The Country Boy, read by Gavin McGinley

Lone Country Boy


John Mabey

PRIVATE 017 6'58"

8:46 Fred Allen speaks after captaining the 1949 All Blacks to South Africa and his career is reviewed in a 1955 programme by Winston McCarthy. Allen died last week

9:09 As I Remember - Stories from the Sawmill

The memories of Jack Taylor, read by Robb Webb. Part One. 8'15"

9:18 Cathedral City (Willow Macky)

The Mariners 45 Kiwi EA59 2'01'

9:21 Homework results for April 3'13"

9:25 Leading Voices

The voices of prime ministers from Richard Seddon to David Lange. 17'31"

9:42 Taumarunui (Cape)

Mike Moore and Bushfire 45 Tartar TR 4'10"

9:47 Book of the Week

A Passion for Flight: New Zealand aviation before the First World War, by Errol Martyn
Published by Volplane Press
ISBN 978 0 473 20387 0

9:58 Homework 1'44"