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8:12 The Laughing Policeman (Grey)

Charles Penrose 1926 CS CD BMG TTVCD 3367 2'33"

8:16 Homework

8:17 Today in New Zealand History - 15 April 1868

First Maori MP elected. 4'38"

8:22 The William Tell Overture (Rossini)

Spike Jones and his City Slickers 1947 CD BMG TTVCD 3367 3'15"

8:27 As I Remember: The Horowhenua Collection by the Levin Combined Probus Clubs.

The Bach at Hokio by Jenine Burr, read by Katrina Batten.

Family at the Beach (Larkin)

Linn Larkin CD Rouge RRCDS 3001 9'14"

8:38 Extract from A Dog's Life by Alwyn Owen featuring Grant Tilly who died this week. 8'52"

8:48 Haere Mai Ra

Ngati Poneke Young Maori Club

An action song to welcome back soldiers from WW2 - recorded 1950 2'03'

8:50 Comments on the use of kaumatua by Peter Tapsell, who died during the week, and comments when he was elected Speaker in 1993

9:06 As I Remember

Easter Canterbury Mountaineering Club Camp 1956, by Denis Knight, read by Damon Taylor. 2'40"

9:11 Some New Zealand links with the Titanic and the story of the loss of the Manchester, April 1912.

9:22 Report of the Wellington train crash of 24 March 1980

A Porirua to Wellington suburban unit crashed head-on into a diesel shunter with six empty carriages that had somehow strayed onto the wrong line; two killed, at least 77 injured. 1'53"

9:24 Homework

9:25 Bookshelf

Treasures of the Canterbury University Library, edited by Chris Jones et al
Canterbury University Press
ISBN 978 1 927145 04 3

9:28 Sir James Bissitt, captain of the Queen Mary interviewed during a 1948 visit to New Zealand

Recalls his life at sea, including being on the ship which picked up over 700 survivors of the Titanic.

9:38 Here's a Health to the Men in the Crew (Large)

Bob Large and the Maritime Crew CD Manu 2014 4'05"

9:42 Book of the Week

Jagged Seas. The New Zealand Seamen's Union 1879-2003 by David Grant.
Canterbury University Press.
ISBN 978 1 877257 99 5