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8:09 Today in New Zealand History

18 December 1769 - First Frenchmen in New Zealand.

8:14 Letter from French listener D Labarthe

8:16 O Come All Ye Faithfull (1963)

University of Canterbury Madrigal Singers LP Kiwi LC 9

8:21 A Christmas As I Remember

Christmas 1919 by Jane Hendley, read by Maureen Garing

8:27 Lorna Langford of Takaka remembers her days at the Bainham general store, Golden Bay

Part Two

8:43 A Christmas Cradle Song

Richard Bonsall early 1970s boy soprano LP Viking VP 328

8:47 A Christmas As I Remember

Christmas 1939 by Ron Montgomery, read by Adam McAulay.

8:51 Silent Night (Grubber)

David McAtamney CD

8:55 A Christmas As I Remember

Christmas 1935 by Donald Sargent, read by David Knowles.

9:04 A Christmas As I Remember

Christmas Holidays at Caroline Bay, Timaru, in the 1930s, by Les Dew of Christchurch.

9:12 Sticky Beak the Kiwi (Gyp)

Julie Nelson CD EMI 571 328

9:17 Homework results

9:22 Radio commentator Gordon Hutter talks to wrestler Lofty Blomfield before a championship bout in 1940

Blomfield also describes his job in the army. Also commentary as Blomfield knocks the referee out! 14 October 1940.

9:26 The Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy

Inia Te Wiata CD Kiwi SLC 248

9:31 A Christmas As I Remember

1930 - Fishing on Christmas Day by John Gully, read by Gavin McGinley.

9:33 Bookshelf

Bog Irish Micks: The O'Brien Family from Scariff by Kath Woodley
249 Fox St, Hamilton
ISBN 978-0473-17611-2

9:35 Book of the Week

Seabird Genius - the story of L E Richdale by Neville Peat
Otago University Press
ISBN 978 1 877578 11 3

9:48 Kate Smythe remembers L E Richdale at Taiaroa Head in the 1930s when she lived there as a young girl

9:55 Christmas with the Maori Battalion in 1942.

Introduced by Lt Col Charles Bennett and the Battalion sings Tapu to Po (Silent Night)
CD Atoll ACD 206