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8:09 Today in New Zealand History

Governor-General Onslow’s child born 13 November 1890 and named Huia.

8:16 McKenzie (Collier)

Julie Collier CD EMI CDP 791478

8:20 Homework

8:23 Cartoonist Garrick Tremain recalls his working life

Part 3.

8:41 Busy Line (Semos/Stanton)

The Knaves CD BMG 39283 A November 1882 description of the great new wonder – a telephone exchange in Dunedin, then the country’s largest — 129 years ago.

8:51 The Cobbler’s Song from Chu Chin Chow

Inia Te Wiata CD Columbia 475545 2

8:55 As I Remember

Making shoes and having fun in Hamilton in the old days by Allan Pike.

8:59 Soundtrack from 1970s promotional film or tourist industry

9:08 As I Remember

Hedge Cutters to Hockey Sticks written and read by Darryl Ware.

9:13 Happy Days Medley

Kokatahi Band CD Kiwi SLC 274

9:17 Bookshelf

The Streets of Timaru by Jack Hamilton and Keith Bartholemew.
Timaru District Council
ISBN 978 0 473 19180 1

The Radical, the Reactionary and the Canterbury Society of Arts 1880-1996 by Warren Feeney
Canterbury University Press
ISBN 978 1 877257 94 0

9:22 Director of the Nelson Museum, Peter Millward, discusses the role of museums

9:39 Homework

9:41 The Glory of Love (Hill)

Howard Morrison Quartet CD BMG 39283

9:44 Book of the Week

Love at the End of the Road by Rae Roadley
ISBN 9780143 566755