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8:11 Today in New Zealand History

First Constitution 28 August 1846

8:16 Panis Angelicus

Les Andrews CD

8:22 The Alison Holst Story Part 2

8:36 Homework August questions:

1. Hard. Which high-ranking New Zealand serviceman of World War Two had the nick-name "Mary" and why?

2. Easy. Which Prime Minister attended Burnside High School, Christchurch?

8:37 Harbour Lights (Kennedy)

Toni Williams 45 La Gloria GSP 057

8:41 New Zealand cricketer Bob Blair

Bob Blair recalls the 1953-54 New Zealand cricket tour on South Africa and comments on his feeling over the loss of his fiancé in the Tangiwai rail disaster which has been the subject of a recent film.

8: 50 Finale - This Is My Lovely Day (Ellis Herbert)

Vivienne Martin and Murray Mills and chorus from the 1960 production of "Bless the Bride" by Hutt Valley High School. Conducted by Suzanne Green.

8:52 Bookshelf

Maria Gallaher - Her Short Life and Her Children's Stories by A Kay Carter
4 Makarini St
ISBN 9780987 653802

Where are the Camels? by Ken Avery
ISBN 978-1-877561-59-7

8:54 The Woodchoppers' Ball (Herman-Bishop)

Ken Avery and the Darktown Strutters Cassette Tartar TC TRL 035

9:06 As I Remember

Nits with Everything by Christina Stewart of Oamaru, read by Alison Lloyd Davies.

9:16 The Southerner Theme (John Leslie)

Leon Kearns Cass

9:20 Bookshelf:

Golden Arches Under Southern Skies by Rosemary Hepozden
ISBN 978-0-9864521-1-6

A Century of Library Life in New Zealand: Te Rau Herenga 1910-2010 by Julia Millen

9:26 Homework

9:28 Obituary

Christine Cole Catley, journalist, author and publisher, who died last Sunday. She talks to Kim Hill about her childhood in a 2003 interview.

9:42 Secret Love

Doris Day CD

9:46 Book of the Week

Karori and its People, edited by Judith Burch and Jan Heynes
Steele Roberts
ISBN 978-1-877577-29-1