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8:09 Anniversary - Abbotsford Landslip, Dunedin, 8 August 1979 - residents describe the horror of the night and actuality of houses being demolished

8:11 Anniversary - Opening of new television transmitter in Auckland 7 August 1965. Speech by Minister of Broadcasting W J Scott

8:14 Nature (Mason)

The Fourmyula CD EMI 533 925

8:18 Today in New Zealand History -Hongi Hiki's visit to London during 1820

8:24 Postholes (Campbell)

Mike Harding CD NZ 2000

8:30 Homework

1: When I mention "Duzgo" and "Trekka" what am I talking about?

2: Why is Wellington's Sar Street so named?

8:31 A 1958 visit to Avonside Girls' High School, Christchurch (Part five)

The head of the art department, Mr. Anderson, talks about the role of the art department; a student, Marie, talks generally about Avonside Girls' art curriculum; Miss Dallie talks about homecraft; Mrs. Martin talks about the "mother-craft" course; and several girls talk about the various extra-curricular activities available to the girls, an excerpt of the school orchestra's rehearsal is played; and Helen Walker talks about school visits to various performances.

8:46 Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory

True Hearts Rejoice
Waitaki Girls' High School Recorded late 1940s

8:51 J Force Discussion Group in 1948 -On the Influence of Occupation

Those taking part are Warrant Officer Lou Brown, Sgt Barry Cleverley, Staff Sgt Eric Dunlop, Sgt Ron Munro.

8:58 Endless Love (Richie)

Radio New Zealand Orchestra LP Music World LTV 13/1

9:06 As I Remember - Playing Against the Wind (Part nine), written and read by Neville Martin

9:12 Anniversary 4 August 1923 - Otira rail tunnel is opened and this report features an interview with an engine driver and a BBC commentator takes a ride through it in 1953.

9:16 Kiwi On Parade (Francis)

National Band of New Zealand 1953 CD Atoll ACD 502

9:20 Homework

9:22 Obituary - Eric Tindill

Outstanding sportsman who died during the week at the age of 99. He talks about cricket and rugby. Winston McCarthy describes his career.

9:34 A selection of items performed by Waitaki Girls High School in the 1940s, including "Green Heart of the Waters"

9:39 Esme Greenan of Dunedin talks about her hens that are laying green eggs.

From Morning Report 3 June 1988

9:41 Place Names of New Zealand - Wellington names by Ken Pianta.

9:44 Book of the Week: Place Names of New Zealand

By A W Reed, revised by Peter Dowling
Raupo ISBN 9780143204107

Jim Sullivan talks to Peter Dowling about toponomy -the study of place names.

9:58 Heartlight (Diamond)

Radio New Zealand Orchestra LP Music World LTV 13/1