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Sounds Historical for 13 June 2010

8:09 Today in New Zealand History

The Maungatapu murders of 1866.

8:16 Music Track Phil Garland: How Are You, Mate?(Hogan)

CD Kiwi SLC 212

8:19 The Seventies - The Power Game (Part Nine)

An exploration of the issues surrounding New Zealand's energy needs, including hydro power and the oil crisis.

8:28 Headlines of 1976 read by Irene Strong

8:30 Hit Music of 1976 Abba: Dancing Queen (Andersson)

CD Polydor 810050

8:33 Spectrum Early television

Early television recalled by 1960s cameraman Cyril Townsend in conversation with Jack Perkins.

8:59 Music Track NZSO: Skyliner (Barnet)

CD EMI 434 649

Sounds Historical Rundown for 9-10pm June 13 2010

9:06 As I Remember

At The Bay written and read by Neville Martin

9:13 Music Track Georgina Beyer: Summertime (Gershwin)

CD Huhu Music WP 001

9:15 Homework

9:18 A Wartime Story

From Crete Tony Madden's recollections recorded by John Terris

9:34 Music Track Les Andrews: Pedro

The Fisherman CD

9:40 Carisbrook

Iain Gallaway describes the early days of Carisbrook, Dunedin, which will host its last rugby test on 19 June.

9:50 The John Prouse Story

John Prouse became the first New Zealander to make a commercial gramophone recording in London on 9 June 1905.

9:58 Music Track NZSO: Jet Journey (Goodwin)

CD EMI 434 649