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8:08 Today in New Zealand History

The appointment of the first Maori King - May 2 1857

8:14 Windy City (Karaitiana)

Ruru Karaitiana and Pixie Williams RNZ CD

8:19 From the Back Country

Peter Hodson remembers "Professor" Bone who settled at Glenorchy in 1929 to await the end of the world.

8:28 Dardanella

Jack Thompson RNZ CD

8:32 The Story of Malvern in Canterbury (Recorded in 1950) Part Two

8:43 European Selection

NZSO CD EMI 434 649

8:49 The Royal Wedding Stakes

John Clarke

8:58 FILL: Jet Journey (Goodwin)

NZSO CD EMI 434 649

9:05 As I Remember

Caroling In Alexandra by Keith Hambleton.

9:12 A selection from a performance by the Hawera Highland Pipe Band.

March - Miss Chisholm: March - Willie McKay: Strath - Aspen BankReel - The Kilt is my Delight. Recorded by Mobile Unit in late 1940s

9:17 Homework

1: Which Famous New Zealand ship was launched in February 1912

2: What kind of licence was abolished on 1 October 1971.

9:18 The Seventies

Part Two Politics and Parties compiled by Judy Finn and Carole de Colville

9:32 My Husband and I (Clarke)

John Clarke RNZ CD

9:37 Tiger Hunting In the Ureweras

Hamilton Countrry Bluegrass Band LP EMI CSDM 6319

9:40 Books

Letters From the Front World War 1
ISBN 978 0 473 15581 0

With the New Zealanders at the Front
ISBN 978 0 473 16110 1

Both by F Twisleton.
Published by Dick Twisleton, 6a Mary St, Gisborne.

9:55 Hoedown (Copeland)

NZSO CD EMI 434 649