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8:10 Today in New Zealand History

The life of Moses Wilson Grey.

8:09 The Theme from The Endless Summer (Blakeley)

The Silhouettes CD EMI 578619

8:13 Prime Minister Sir John Marshall tells his own story.

Recorded in 1974 Part Two

8:30 Deep Harmony (Handel Parker)

Te Aroha Municipal Band

8:38 Sullivan's Century

Headlines of 1953 read by Irene Strong

8:40 How Much Is That Doggie in the Window?

Patti Page CD Polystar Hit 1

8:45 The Story of Malvern in Canterbury (Recorded in 1950)

Part One - Introduced by Bernard Smyth 10'33""

8:53 Tides of Reason (Barrie)

Those Stubborn Stains RNZ CD 3584

9:02 As I Remember

The Blue Jelly Shoe by Alison Rudd of Dunedin, read by Lucy Orbell.

9:08 The Wes Faulkner dance band

Recorded at Burns Hall, Dunedin, in the 1940s or 1950s. 7'45"

9:18 Opening of station 1ZU Taumarunui

The station closed 31 March 2010.

8:23 Taumarunui (Cape)

Bush Fire with Mike Moore 45 Tartar TR 017

8:28 Homework

8:29 The story of the Wellington-Manawatu Railway

Part Two 24'36"

8:52 As I Remember Archive

The Ketch Aoma by Winston Hawke, read by David Knowles.

8:55 Milford Sound (Goodwin)

NZSO CD EMI 434 649