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8:10 Today in New Zealand History

1878, acquittal of the editor of the Oamaru Mail, George Jones Jr.

8:18 Bookshelf

Marine Parade Shop - Caroline Bay, Timaru, by Kerry Swainson McNee.

8:19 Timaru at Last (Sullivan)

Keltic Mix CD 4'06"

8:27 Jungle Green

A documentary about the SAS in Malaya in 1957. Part One.

8:43 Irish Medley

Kokatahi Band CD Kiwi SLC 274 3'41"

8:49 Values Party leader Reg Clough interviewed by Chris Turver in the lead up to the 1975 General Election

8:53 Headlines of the Year 1960

Teen Angel (Dinning)

Mark Dinning LP Axis 912 4'59"

9:06 As I Remember

Teachers' School Holidays in the 1950s by Joan Sharpes, read by Alison Lloyd Davies.

9:14 Captain Tall (Sunde)

The Maritime Crew CD 2'20"

9:16 Homework

9:20 Memories of the Southern Comedy Players in the 1960s by Anna Soutar, read by Sonia Yee. Part 9 1 '41"

9:22 Maori Melodies (Cresswell)

The National Band of New Zealand LP Viking FSRS 1290 7'04"

9:31 Book of the Week

The Penguin New Zealand Travel Guide by Diana and Jeremy Pope
Penguin ISBN 978 014301010 4

9:51 Ave Maria (Arcadelt)

The Belmont Singers PR 237 2'37"

9:55 As I Remember Archive

Early Cinema Memories by David Speary read by Roger Smith. First broadcast 2001.