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Sounds Historical for 29 November 2009

8:00 News

8:08 Intro

8:09 Today in New Zealand History

Elizabeth Yates elected Mayor of Onehunga

8:15 Raindrops Keep falling on My Head

Ray Woolf
LP Salem NS 202

8:20 Bookshelf: Travels in Atomic Sunshine

Robin Gerster
ISBN 978 1 921215- 34-6

8:19 From the Back Country

Peter Hodson recalls the visit of Professor Bone to Glenorchyin 1929 and his prediction of the end of the world

8:29 Tramcar (Peter Cape)

Christopher Cape
Cd Kiwi SLC 255

8:33 Milk in Schools

The story of the Milk in Schools Scheme produced by Justin Gregory.

9:00 News

9:05 As I Remember - The Southern Comedy Players

Written by Anna Soutar of Hawkes Bay. Part one is read by Sonia Yee.

9:13 Picasso Trio farewell concert

Timaru on 29 Jan 1969 - medley.

9:23 New Zealand Building History by Nigel Isaacs

Part 3. Elevators Going Up

9:36 The Latter End of Spring (Lawson/Garland)

Phil Garland
CD Kiwi SLC 212

9:40 Book of the Book - The Iron-Bound Coast

Bob Harvey
Libro International
ISBN 978 1 877514 01 2