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21 June 2009

8:10 Today in New Zealand History

The lives of Mary Ann Stuart (Lady Barker) and her husband. Frederick Napier Broome, married 21 June 1865.

8:18 The story of John Prouse the first New Zealander to record a gramophone record, 9 June 1905

8:28 As I Remember

My Mother's Fire Story by Pat Cummins, read by Sonia Yee

8:33 Yorky's Run (McMillan/Garland)

Phil Garland CD Kiwi SLC 200

8:38 Bessie Pearson recalls her girlhood in Naseby in the 1920s

Part 1

8:54 The All Blacks (Hiscocks/Chandler)

Peter Winder with pianist Dayle Anderson and chorus from Maria Winder and David Wood RNZ CD

9:00 News

9:06 As I Remember

Looking for a Job by Sheila Armstrong, read by Prue Langbein.

9:18 Howie the Maori (Stevens/Mogull)

Howard Morrison CD BMG 74321 329542

9:27 Footprints of History

Samuel Butler and Andrew Sinclair

9:32 Book of the Week:

Capturing Port: D A Maus Photography, music and contemporary spirit in nineteenth century Port Chalmers.
Ian Church and Jennifer Henderson
Port Chalmers Museum
3 Beach St, Port Chalmers, Dunedin

Includes a CD of De Maus songs with three used here - God Defend New Zealand, I'm On the Committee, and Union Steamship Co sung by Claire Barton (soprano) with pianist Vivienne McLean.