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Sounds Historical on Sunday 24 May 2009

8:08 Today in New Zealand History

First Parliament assembles in Auckland 24 May 1854

8:16 Rocking the Cradle (Garland)

Phil Garland CD Kiwi SLC 178

8:24 Fifty years since the opening of the Auckland Harbour Bridge

Prime Minster Holland lays foundation stone 1956

8:42 Crack Go The Clip-ons (Andrews)

Les Andrews Cassette Ode Sodet 333

8:48 An 1857 Tour of the Nelson Goldfields.

Part Two: J L B in the Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle

8:53 Kolo Waltz

Sons of the Gumdiggers 45 Kiwi SEA 170

8:56 An item from Sunday Supplement in about 1980

Gordon Parry on metrics.

8:58 Hole in The Mirror (Nock)

Colin Hemmingson RNZ CD 9093

9:08 As I Remember

At The Barrier by Maureen Joy Cumming, read by Alison Lloyd Davies.

9:16 Pokarekare Ana (Tomoana)

New Zealand Maori Chorale 45 Viking NZR 001

9:19 From the Back Country

Jack Perkins talks to Rene Morgan about running Mitchell's Hotel at Lake Brunner.

9:34 Homework

9:36 Autumn to May (Stookey)

Standard 4 Mt Roskill School 45 Kiwi SA 39

9:37 Doug Laurenson reports on the New Zealand troops in Greece and Crete in 1941.

9:45 Book of Week

Forgotten Anzacs - the campaign in Greece, 1941
By Peter Ewer
ISBN9781921 215292

Is Greece/Grete campaign actually forgotten in Australia?

9:58 Fill: Mr PS (Bell)

Colin Hemmingsen RNZ CD 9039