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Sounds Historical for Sunday April 5 2009

8:11 Today in New Zealand History

The story of the port of Picton, April 5 1861 proclaimed as a port.

8:19 In Days Gone By (Country Boys)

The Country Boys LP Marble Arch ZMALS 101

8:24 That's Life by Douglas Coo

Part One read by Richard Scott

8:29 La Spagnola

Les Andrews Private CD

8:32 The Wreck of the General Grant Spectrum 1

9:07 As I Remember

Taranaki Schooling by Albert Larsen read by Gavin McGinley

9:14 Taranaki (Saunders)

Barry Saunders Cassette Rowan TC 003

9:18 Homework

9:24 Father Bernie Hehir Remembers

Karori Catholic priest Bernie Hehir recalls his lifetime in an interview with Rob Webb.

9:39 Across The Line (Trad)

The Maritime Crew CD Manu 2014

9:44 Book of the Week:

The General Grant's Gold - Shipwreck and Greed in the Southern Ocean.
By Madelene Allen and Ken Scadden
ISBN 978 0 908988 37 2