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Sounds Historical for Sunday 2 November 2008

8:11 Today in New Zealand History

A Poet Premier: Alfred Domett died this day in 1877

8:17 The Very Last Day (Yarrow/Stookey)

The Greenstones

8:22 West Coast Mines

A 1950s visit to the West Coat coal mines with Douglas Cresswell. Part 1

8:31 A Wet Night in Greymouth (Willow Macky)

William Clauson

8:35 A Sound Life

Peter Downes remembers his sixty years in radio production. Episode 6

9:00 News

9:07 As I Remember

Manpowered Into a Different World by Cliff Couch, read by Phil Smith.

9:13 Honeysuckle Rose (Razaf)

Sunny City Seven

9:18 As I Remember

Bad News at the Albany Show by Dick Broadbent of Kerikeri, read by Phil Smith.

9:20 Homework

Your favourite piece of New Zealand music.

9:21 Antarctica in the 1950s

John Claydon of Christchurch recalls flying in Antarctica in the 1950s. Part 2.

9:34 Mokemoke taua, ka hoki mai ano

Members of 28 Maori Battalion recorded in Taranto 1943
CD Atoll ACD 206

9:40 Bookshelf: Living in Kaiparoro

Kay Flavell
New Pacific Studio
Mt Bruce, RD1, Masterton
ISBN 978-0-473-13270-5

9:39 Sullivan's Century

1998 headlines read by Sharon Crosbie

Without a Doubt (Fu)
Che Fu NZOH Kiwi Hits 33

9:47 From the Back Country

Dylis James recalls the exploits of Ermintrude the pig on a farm near Waikaka in Southland.