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Sounds Historical for Sunday 20 July 2008

8:08 Introduction

8:10 Today in New Zealand History

Sir Frederick Weld died on July 20 1891.

8:17 Lake Music from Maori Cantata (Hill)

Mayfair Orchestra
RNZ CD 3'35"

8:21 As I Remember

An Adventure by Kathleen Salisbury

8:26 Alan Dunford

Alan Dunford on his radio and entertainment career.

8:47 Foodosophy (Dunford)

Coral Cummins and Alan Dunford (from "Intimate Revue")

8:50 Sir Michael Hardie Boyes

Brian Edwards talks to Governor General Sir Michael Hardie Boyes in 1998 - boyhood.

9:00 News

9:07 As I Remember

A Night on the Mountainside by Cliff Couch read by Duncan Smith.

9:12 Little Ole Softie

The Big Band Revival Wairarapa on CD

9:19 Homework

9:24 Telethon Song 1976

9:29 Politicians

Tom Mills recalls the politicians of the late 19th century.

9:43 The Mechanical Dragon

Cantate Wairarapa on CD

9:46 Shepherd's Progress: Elliotts in Central Otago by Janet Thomson.

Jim Sullivan talks to the author of the history of a Central Otago family.
ISBN 9 780958 285520