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Sounds Historical for 22 June 2008

8:07 Intro

8:11 Today in New Zealand History

The Life of Sir Robert Stout

8:19 Aotearoa (Goodwin)

New Zealand Symphony Orchestra
CD EMI 434 649

8:23 Homework

8:27 Sir Neill Begg

Plunket pediatrician and historian talks with Jim Sullivan about his and his life and times. Recorded in the early 1990s.

8:48 1941

The Avengers
CD EMI 471058

8:52 Katherine Mansfield

Katherines Mansfield's sisters talk to Owen Leeming in London, 1962. Part 1 (Vera, Chaddie and Jeanne) Charlotte and Vera read some of their personal writings about Katherine.

9:00 News

9:07 As I Remember

The Meuli Gang by Albert Larson, read by David Knowles.

9:14 Shadows on Manapouri (Brian Barrett)

NZBC Symphony Orchestra

9:18 Homework

9:19 As I Remember

A Knock for Knock Tale by Milward Mathews, read by Gavin McGinley

9:28 Too Young

William Gray, vocal and organ.
Private CD

9:33 A review of the longest speeches by New Zealand politicians.

9:37 Didn't It Rain

Inia Te Wiata
CD Kiwi SLC 248

9:40 Book: Vauxhall Gardens - Dunedin's Notorious Victorian Pleasure Gardens

Jim Sullivan talks to Ian Dougherty about his history of Dunedin's Vauxhall Gardens.
Saddle Hill Press
ISBN 978-0-473-12699-5

For the Benefit of Mr Kite (Lennon/McCartney)
The Beatles
CD Apple 8 34448