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Sounds Historical for Sunday 8 June 2008

8:08 Intro

8:11 Today in New Zealand History

Gabriel Reid discovers gold in Otago, 8 June 1861.

8:18 Stars in Orion (Tilbury)

Phil Tilbury
CD Kiwi CD SLC 253

8:24 Homework

Mystery Voice

8:25 No Man's Land (Bogle)

Ben McDonald
CD Private

8:32 As I Remember

Radio News Compiler by Margaret Peebles, read by Alison Lloyd Davies.

8:42 Earnslaw Steam Theme (Goodwin)

CD EMI 434 649

8:47 Memories from Pictures

Olive Simpson of Gore uses old photographs to kindle childhood memories.

9:00 News

9:06 As I Remember

The 1926 Rolls Royce by Patricia van Laar, read by Maureen Garing.

9:11 No Moa (Chamberlain)

Paul Walden
CD EMI 571 328 2'23"

9:16 Homework

May winners and June questions

9:17 It Might As Well Be Spring (Rogers/Hammerstein)

Coral Cummings

9:24 From the Back Country

Derek Hodges of Christchurch on rural mail.

9:37 Bookshelf: Owaka Jack- the Jack McNab Story

Shirley Deuchrass
ISBN 978-0-473-13264-2

9:39 Onward Christian Soldiers

Merseyside Thousand Voices
CD Virgin 7590312 4'02"

9:42 Book - Marching as to War?

Jim Sullivan talks to the author Geoffrey Haworth
Wily Publications
ISBN 978-0-43129-40-8