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Sounds Historical Sunday 23 March 2008 (Easter Sunday)

8:09 Today in New Zealand History

The Founding of Otago - 1848

8:23 Homework

8:24 As I Remember

Colin Franklin-Browne's Memories Part One of 12 - Mother and Washing Day

8:30 Bonnie Mary

Colin Franklin Browne. Recorded 1951 Private CD

8:35 Radio Drama

Sound effects demonstration in excerpt from "Under the Loofah Tree" by Giles Cooper. Voices of William Austin and Anthony Groser. Recorded about 1960.

8:40 1963 Royal Command Concert in Dunedin

Rod Derrett and ends with Robert Gordon and William Clarke (piano).
NB: Due to copyright restrictions we are unable to supply this audio online.

9:07 As I Remember

Colin Franklin-Browne's Memories Part 2 - Crayfish and Swings

9:10 Serenade

Colin Franklin Browne Private CD

9:16 Opening of Ohakune Mountain Road 1 March 1963

9:23 Carolina On My Mind (Taylor)

Hamilton Country Bluegrass Band CD EMI 533 925

9:26 New Zealand Spitfire pilots in Italy in 1945.

Talk from a wartime recording by Wing Commander Richard Webb.

9:36 Let's Get A Little Sentimental (Leander)

Craig Scott CD EMI 533 925

9:41 Book of the Week: Vile Crimes

Peter Graham, author of a study of the Timaru poisonings of the 1880s.
Canterbury University Press
ISBN 978-1-877257-59-9