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Sunday 3 February 2008

8:09 Today In NZ History - 1931 Hawkes Bay earthquake

8:16 The Kentucian Song (Gordon)

Buster Keene And Dorothy Brannigan
CD BMG 74321 392832

8:22 Farewell Spit- This is NZ

8:36 The Diggers (Wright)

Spirit Of Central

8:39 Safari (Fenstock)

David Carroll And His Orch
CD Guild Glcd 5112

8:42 Castles Of Gold

A history of New Zealand's west coast Irish
Lyndon Fraser University of Otago Press

9:00 News

9:05 As I Remember

Side Shows
Bill Smith/Robb Webb

9:10 Bookshelf: Otaki Historical Society Journal

9:11 Re Dell'abisso (Verdi)

CD Kiwi Sld 82
Patricia Payne T13

9:16 Homework

9:17 Spectrum: Dick Perry - Blade Shearer

9:55 Be My Little Bumble Bee (Murphy)

Jean McPherson And Garth Young Trio
CD BMG 74321 392832