5 Sep 2020

Song Crush: Teeks, Dallas Tamaira, Imugi

From Song Crush, 3:30 pm on 5 September 2020

Tony is joined by Brad Warrington and Maggie Tweedie to bring you six brand new tunes.

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Teeks - These Hands

Tony: “This one is the exception on the EP - the other three tracks are going more for the slow-burn that we associate more with Teeks. But that voice, it’s his secret weapon, it is so distinctive. I love how everyone is scrambling for descriptions, and it’s generally a foodstuff - US Vogue said butter, but I’ve read honey as well…”

Anderson .Paak - Cut ‘Em In

Brad: “Everything he touches turns to gold. He’s a performer as well, he transforms when he steps on stage, which I think is what separates really good lyricists. That last verse - whoa. He goes on the double-time. He’s not just a great muso, he’s a really good rapper”. 

Dallas Tamaira - No Flowers

Maggie: “Lyrically I have an issue with the term ‘flowers’ to describe women. I think it could have been another word and still worked. I don’t think I know any woman who’s genuinely a flower, so it doesn’t really hit home for me whether or not the woman described is gentle, or tough, or in between.” 

Tom Ludvigson & Graeme Gash - Uallang Jnr

Maggie: “This is called ‘Jnr’ because the original is a fifteen minute dance suite, so this is a chopped down edition. Ben Stevens curated this eighties compilation by spending a lot of time in RNZ’s musical catalogue, burrowing through the storeroom. This is very much music from the ashes, and when you hear this personal curatorial by Ben, you’ll realise why each track deserves its place on the record”.

Imugi - Somebody Else

Tony: “They’re drawing on all these influences from the past to create something really fresh. It reminded me of trip-hop a lot, down to Yuri’s little rap break. This is not meant as a backhanded compliment, but I thought of all those Cafe Del Mar compilations, that chill-out explosion in the nineties”.

Dizzee Rascal - L.L.L.L. (Love Life Live Large)

Brad: “It’s a motivational song in its essence. The dude’s got such a unique style, and he’s got no beef at the moment - if you see the video you’ll understand why, because he’s a diesel guy. He is buff!”



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