This page lists books by writers interviewed on Saturday Morning with Kim Hill, or books discussed by Kim and a guest. Books are usually published in the current year, or the one previous, except where noted. The most recent programme is at the top.

30 August

How to Speak Money: What the Money People Say – and What They Really Mean
by John Lanchester
(Faber & Faber, ISBN: 978-0-571-30982-5)

The Novel: A Biography
by Michael Schmidt
(Belknap Press, ISBN: 978-0674724730 )

23 August

This House of Grief: The Story of a Murder Trial
by Helen Garner
(Text, ISBN: 9781922079206)

16 August

Paradise Saved
by David Butler, Tony Lindsay and Janet Hunt
(Random House NZ, ISBN: 9781869796860)

The Paper Trail: An Unexpected History of the World’s Greatest Invention
by Alexander Munro
(Allen Lane, 978-1-846-14189-8)

9 August

The Naturalist
by Thom Conroy
(Vintage, ISBN: 978-1-77553-648-2)

Poetry with Gregory O’Brien:
by Michele Leggott
(AUP, ISBN 978-1-86940-808-4)

2 August

No Front Line: Inside Stories of New Zealand's Vietnam War
by Claire Hall
(Penguin, ISBN: 978014357188).

Paradoxical Undressing
by Kristin Hersh
(2010, Atlantic Books, ISBN: 9781848872394)

Waha / Mouth
by Hinemoana Baker
(VUP, ISBN: 978-0-864739704)

Kate’s Klassic:
Storm of Steel
by Ernst Jünger
(Penguin Modern Classics, ISBN: 978-014118691)