3 May 2014

Rod Moss: aboriginal life

From Saturday Morning, 9:05 am on 3 May 2014

Rod Moss portrait by Shaan Raza Australian painter and photographer Rod Moss has lived in Alice Springs since 1984. He has written two memoirs: The Hard Light of Day (2010, University of Queensland Press, ISBN: 978-0-7022-3774-4) won the Prime Minister’s Literary Award, and One Thousand Cuts: Life and Art in Central Australia (UQP, ISBN: 978-0-7022-4968-6) was published last year. Rod Moss is a guest at the Auckland Writers Festival, speaking at three sessions: An Interior Life (with Stephanie Johnson, 16 May), The Lucky Country? (with Michael Leunig and John Marsden, 17 May), and Art and Australia (18 May).

Portrait of Rod Moss by Shaan Raza.