22 Mar 2014

A. M. Homes: dark writing

From Saturday Morning, 9:05 am on 22 March 2014

American writer A.M. Homes is the author of 11 books including the A M Holmesnovels May We Be Forgiven (2012, Granta), This Book Will Save Your Life (2006, Granta), Music For Torching (1999, Granta), The End of Alice (1996, Granta), and Jack (1989, Granta), as well as non-fiction writing, and the 2007 memoir The Mistress's Daughter (Granta).

She teaches at Princeton University and is active on the boards of The Pen American Center and Yaddo, a 100 year old artists’ colony in upstate New York.

A.M. Homes is a guest at the Auckland Writers Festival, speaking at the Gala Night (15 May), doing a reading (16 May), and in conversation with Paula Morris (17 May).