11 Sep 2010

Sister Sheila O'Toole: Vietnam nun - Part 1

From Saturday Morning, 11:10 am on 11 September 2010

Sister Sheila O'Toole went to Saigon during the Vietnam War, was held hostage in a POW camp, and was one of the last people to depart from the US Embassy in 1975.

She returned to Vietnam in 1992 and spent another 12 years there, and is the most decorated New Zealander in relation to Vietnam.

She talks to Kim Hill about her life and experiences.

Sister Sheila is the author of the 2007 book Behind the Visor: My Life in Wartorn Vietnam (ISBN: 978-0-473-12516-5), and has contributed her recollections to a large new history, New Zealand's Vietnam War by Ian McGibbon (Exisle, ISBN: 978-0-908988-96-9).