8 Jun 2024

Tom Burgis: How the mega-rich warp the truth

From Saturday Morning, 10:00 am on 8 June 2024
composite of the cover of Cuckooland and the author Tom Burgis

Photo: supplied by Harper Collins

Award-winning investigative writer Tom Burgis' new book exposes a world where the rich can buy "truth".

In Cuckooland - Where the Rich Own the Truth Burgis follows a trail from the Kremlin, through Kathmandu to a royal retreat in Scotland. He hunts down oligarchs and traces vast sums of money flowing between multinational corporations, ex-Soviet dictators and the west's ruling elites. He finds a very rich man with the power to impose his reality on the world.

Tom Burgis's writing has appeared in the Telegraph, the Independent, the Observer and the New Statesman. His 2021 best-selling book is Kleptopia - How Dirty Money is Conquering the World.